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Welcome to the August issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to the August edition of the Weatherfun Newsletter.

As you can see the months are really flying by. Before you know it we will be talking about seeing snow in the air. But before we go there, we still have plenty of good warm weather ahead of us.

Well, the 2005 Weatherfun Family Reunion is now history. To say that this year's reunion was different would be putting it mildly. As you all know we had an unscheduled event this year. A trip to the ER by me. Yes, I took sick on the Bay queen and Bill, Cat and Casey had to rush me to the emergency room. But, I am happy to report that even with my visit to the ER, the reunion was a complete success. We only had to cancel Saturday morning's event due to me being ill. All of the other events did take place as planned. My visit to the ER did however give members extra time to spend with each other, get to know each other better, and enjoy some great friendship.

The events that we had were a cruise on the Bay Queen, A day in Mystic, CT, and a visit to Foxwoods Casino, the grand finale cookout on my deck, and of course Professor Bill's Weather Quiz. So, this year's event was a great success.

I would like to thank everyone who attend and also those who brought food and drink items for the grand finale cookout. A special thank you to Lynn and Bill who worked in the background for months to make this years event a success.

I was presented with several items at the reunion, and as the months go by pictures of these items will be included in my wrap up's. They will also be added to a very special collection that I am making from all of the reunions.

Now, we look forward to our 5th anniversary reunion, next summer. Why not make plans now to attend next year's event folks? As you can see we have a grand time at our reunions, and we sure would love to include you in next year's event.

Remember this is your newsletter. Please support it, and if you have an item that you would like to see included, please send it to Bill or I and we will see to it that it is included in future newsletters.

Till next month have a great summer and keep an eye to the sky.

July's Weather
  • 1st-2nd: 100+ temperatures in parts of Texas.
  • 2nd: Flooding rains in northern Florida, while the Southwest has ongoing 100+ temperatures.
  • 3rd: Severe weather in Kansas with damaging winds, hail, flooding rains and several tornadoes.
  • 3rd-5th: TD #3 forms in the Northwest Caribbean and becomes TS Cindy in the Gulf of Mexico and heads north. Meanwhile TS Denis forms in the Caribbean.
  • 5th: TS Cindsy comes ashore at night over the tip of Louisiana into Mississippi with winds up to 70 mph and heavy rain.
  • 6th: Much of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and the Florida Panhandle get heavy rain from Cindy with many areas getting 6 to over 10 inches. Flooding and power outages were widespread.
  • 6th-9th: Dennis forms in the eastern Caribbean, becomes a Cat 4 with winds over 140 mph, crosses eastern Cuba and weakens to 100 mph, and enters the eastern Gulf of Mexico. At least 20 deaths in Cuba and Hatti. Southwest Arizona has temperatures over 110+ degrees.
  • 10th: Hurricane Dennis strenghtens to 145 mph in the Gulf, but weakens to near 120 mph as it hits the western Florida Panhandle. While damage was less than expected, Dennis did significant erosion to the beaches and over 500,000 customers lost power in FL, AL, MS and GA. Rainfall totals were 4 to 9 inches. There were 2 deaths related to Dennis.
  • 11th-13th: The desert Southwest has temperatures over a 110+
  • 12th: TS Emily becomes a hurricane.
  • 17th: Storms in parts of New Jersey with heavy rain. One county got over 6" in just a few hours.
  • 17th-22nd: 100+ temperatures in the Southwest with several cities setting record Highs.
  • 18th: Hurricane Emily strikes the Yucatan with winds up to 135 mph and flooding rains.
  • 19th-21st: Oklahoma and parts of the surrounding states have High temperatures over 100 degrees. Denver, CO set records with 3 100+ days in a row.
  • 20th: Emily comes ashore in Mexico, 80 miles south of Brownsville, TX, with 125 mph winds and heavy rain.
  • 21st: Tropical Storm Franklin forms just east of the Bahama Islands.
  • 22nd: Southwest Heat Wave kills 21 in Phoenix. In the last two weeks, it's hit at least 110 degrees all but three days in Phoenix. Wildfires have been widespread throughout the Southwest this Summer due to the high temperatures and low humidity.
  • 25th: Continued ecord heat from the southern West Coast to the Middle West. Strong to severe storms in parts of the Central Plains with a number of tornadoes.
  • 26th: Severe storms in the Midwest with several tornadoes.
  • 26th-27th: Record heat in the East with 100+ temps in parts of southern Virginia into North Carolina.
  • 31st: A record was set for having 8 named tropical storms within the first 2 months of the tropical season.

Sebastian Inlet, FL

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Did You Know?

There were 299 tornadoes this past June.
A new record.


The 4th WEATHERFUN Reunion was another huge success. Members who attended will be sending out pictures and later a webpage will be made of the Reunion.
We thank Jerry and Susan for hosting the event.

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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