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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to the July Newsletter and Jerry's Words.

The weather here has been H H H, with numerous T-storms, and even a few tornado watches. Lucky for us the state has missed most of the severe storms, with most of them going to our west and east. I had a high of 100.9 just last week. As the family reunion approaches the same H H H will return after a few days of cool temps. The low to mid 90's for the 4th of July holiday. That will make for very tough marching of the oldest 4th of July parade in the nation in the town of Bristol to my south.

As you know reunion week is next week. Here is a summary of the events.

Thursday night is an evening at Tony & Shirley's.

Friday night we will have a night at the Pawtucket Red Sox. Tickets have already been purchased. When you arrive see Tony for your tickets and payment.

Thursday or Friday morning we will visit a working farm here in Warren. We will also get a chance to ride a Dragon Float through the farm and the streets of Warren. I saw it just this past Saturday and it is quite the thing to see and ride.

Saturday morning we will visit the Blue Hill Weather Observatory outside of Boston. Hopefully Eleanor will conduct the tour. There is a group charge of $45.00, plus $3.00 adults and $1.50 for children.

Saturday evening of course is the big cookout at my home here in Warren with plenty of good food, weather games, weather questions, and who knows maybe even some fireworks.

Sunday morning of course is the going away breakfast until we all meet again next year.

Remember this is your newsletter and if you have a weather related article that you would like to see in it please send it to Bill or me.

Until next month enjoy your summer.


June's Weather
  • 1st: Storm near the Kansas-Colorado border produced nine tornadoes.
  • 2nd: Severe storms in lower Michigan with heavy rain that caused flooding and strong winds that downed trees and caused power outages. Two dramatic and potent storms slammed the Pittsburgh region bringing with it golf-ball sized hail, strong winds, deafening thunder and a threat of tornadoes. A single bolt of lightning struck nine visitors at Yellowstone National Park who were waiting to see Old Faithful erupt.
  • 5th-6th: Five people were killed in Ohio as severe thunderstorms and tornadoes raked the Midwest. The storms destroyed 50 homes and damaged scores more, as well as a high school gymnasium where a graduation ceremony was to be held the next day.Operators of a nuclear power plant in Michigan said they shut down during the powerful storms. 8 tornadoes hit Michigan during these 2 days. 15 tornadoes touched down in Illinois. Strong rain and winds produced several tornadoes across several counties in northern Indiana damaging homes, barns, trees and powerlines. From the Midwest to New England, there was a total of 43 tornado reports in 5 states.
  • 2nd-5th: Northwestern cities such as Portland, Pendleton and Eugene, Ore., received a month's worth of rain in four days.
  • 5th-7th: Mid-Summer heat in much of Texas with temperatures near 100 and very high humidity.
  • 8th: Death Valley, Ca. recorded a high temp of 119 F, while Stanley, Idaho only reached 26 F.
  • 7th: Hail the size of baseballs pounded a couple areas in eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska.
  • 7th-8th: Heavy rains in Wyoming and Utah caused flash flooding that caused hundreds of homes to be damaged and a number of highway bridges were washed away or destroyed.
  • 8th-9th: Eureka, Kan., was inundated by nearly 5 inches of rain in 12 hours. Strong storms with flooding rains in much of SE Texas. Nearly 10" of rain reported in the Houston area.9th-10th: The area of heavy rain in Texas moved further north in the state and dropped 4-10" of rain.
  • 10th: A lightning strike killed a woman near Asheville, N.C. shortly before her boyfriend was about to propose. Portland, OR. set a record for the lastest in reaching 80 degrees. Usually by this time of year it would have already reached 90. Strong storms pounded Colorado with rain, wind, large hail and at least two tornadoes.
  • 10th-11th: Overnight heavy rains in excess of seven inches fell over southwestern Arkansas, triggering flash floods that killed at least seventeen people at campgrounds along two rivers.
  • 12th: Severe storms dropped five to six inch thick hail near Sunray, TX.
  • 13th: Flooding in Scranton, PA, where radar estimated over 3 inches of rain and several cars were flood on roads with water up to the windows. Lightning set 44,000 gallons of gas in tanks afire in Greensboro, NC. A tornado touched down 7 miles southeast of Beaver City, Neb. damaging a house, farm buildings and machinery.
  • 14th: Hail larger than grapefruits damaged about 5,000 acres of corn crops west of Oxford, Ind. Very slow moving storms dropped 8-10 inches of rain in and around Oklahoma City causing massive flooding & water rescues.
  • 14th-15th: Temperatures reached record Highs in many places throughout the South.
  • 15th: Heavy rain and hail pounded the St Louis area flooding roads. About 1.5 inches of rain fell in Manchester in less than an hour. In only 18 minutes, 1.09 inches of rain fell near North Aurora, IL. Temperatures were as high as 103 in Georgia and Alabama.
  • 16th: Strong storms in the Dakotas with 2 tornadoes that caused power outages and hurt two men. Topeka, Kansas received a record 2.78 inches of rain in three hours and in Miltonvale, KN two inches of heavy rain fell in a 30-minute span. A record low temperature of 43 degrees was set in Wenatchee, WA. This broke the old record of 45 set in 1973. Portland, OR has already had4.21 inches of rain and that makes the all-time wettest June on record. A tornado in Aberdeen, KY damaged several buildings and trees causing power outages. The Heat Index reached 109 in Arkadelphia and 105 Little Rock, AR.
  • 17th: Severe storms with tornadoes in North Dakota and Minnesota. A tornado in Almora, MN killed a couple and caused major damage in Wadena, MN. Other areas in Minnesota had 2 to 2.5" hail. The Storm Prediction Center said that 62 tornadoes were reported across Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. A low temperature of 25 degrees in Burns, OR. that shattered the record of 31 degrees from 2007.
  • 18th: Violent thunderstorms in the Midwest killed one person and shattered windows in an iconic Chicago skyscraper. Many parts of Indiana had major tree damage, buildings damaged and power outages.
  • 20th: A tornado near Billings, MT caused major damaged, but luckily no serious injuries.
  • 20th-21st: Baseball-size hail, torrential rain and a 60-mph wind gust in parts of North Dakota.
  • 21st-22nd: Heavy rains created flash floods across central Illinois and a tornado was report near the Indiana border.
  • 22nd: An EF2 tornado with a path 3/4 miles wide and 4 miles long tore through Eagle, Wisconsin destroying six homes and damaging dozens of others.
  • 22nd-23rd: Powerful storms moved across Iowa dumping heavy rain and causing flash flooding, while producing a lot of wind damage and a few tornadoes. A hail storm damaged corn and soybean fields in north-central Iowa.
  • 23rd: Five tornadoes in northern Indiana with some damage and major power outages. A 75 mph wind gust was reported in Ft. Wayne, IN.
  • 24th: A tornado tore through Bridgeport, Connecticut's largest city, toppling trees and power lines and collapsing a building as a powerful line of storms swept across parts of the Northeast. The storms also brought hail and power outages to parts of the northshore in Nassau County on Long Island.
  • 25th: Extensive damage in western Iowa after at least three tornadoes touched down. Several tornadoes touched down in South Dakota causing significant damage. Later one of the tornadoes was rated an EF4. A tropical depression formed in the Western Caribbean after dropping 4-8" of rain across Puerto Rico, Hatti and the Dominican Republic and Cuba over the past 3 days.
  • 26th: Tropical Storm Alex, the first named storm of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season, formed near Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. It then moved on the Yucatan and weakened to a depression, but brought heavy rains. Tornadoes damaged several farms and buildings in rural areas of three northwestern Iowa counties.
  • 26th-27th: Alex brought heavy rains to Flores, Guatemala that recorded 9.41" of rain from 8pm EDT Saturday to 2pm EDT Sunday.
  • 27th: The depression crossed Yucatan and got back over water to become TS Alex again. Storms raked southern Michigan and spawned at least two tornadoes, killing one person and injuring four others.
  • 29th: Alex became a hurricane and took aim at northern Mexico near the US border.
  • 30th: Baseball size hail and winds measured at 87mph were reported in northeast Campbell County, Wyoming. Much of June for the eastern 2/3 of the country had temperatures well above normal with the south being the hottest. 15 tornadoes touched down in Michigan in June, just 2 short of a record month. Hurricane Alex came ashore in Mexico, 110 miles south of Brownsville, TX late in the evening with winds close to 105 mph and heavy rains. There were 2 tornadoes in southern Texas.

Tower Cam of Atlanta, GA

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Rainfall Map

On June 14th, there was very heavy rain in central Oklahoma that caused major flooding. Here's a doppler estimated rainfall map.
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Gulf Oil Disaster

NOAA launched a public site to track the

Gulf Oil Disaster

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website, but most of all have fun with your weather.
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