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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greeting fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to the July issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter and Jerry's words. Due to being very busy at this end getting ready for the reunion, my words will be short this month.

Weather wise it has been horrible, with rain just about every day of the month and well below normal temps. Currently we are going through some very heavy T-storms that started on Wednesday and will continue through today. Some areas of Rhode Island have had as much as 5+ inches of rain with severe T-storms. Currently we have a break in the action and more will form later today. The storm prediction center says there is even a possibility of a tornado in Southern New England today. Sure hope this does not happen. So far the weather looks ok for the 224th running of the Bristol 4th of July Parade, said to be the oldest continuous running parade in our great nation.

REUNION: As you know the 8th reunion begins next week. I have been sending out a form for you to fill out if you would like to attend. If you have not filled one our yet and would like to attend, please write me at my private e-mail address and I will get it your way immediately. We have a great reunion planned with a visit to the WPRI TV 12 studio, and boat ride on the Cape Cod Canal, and a possible visit to a winery in Middle town, R. I.

Like I said I am very busy at this end, so my words for this month are going to be short. Please enjoy your summer and I hope the weather your way is a perfect Jerry 12, and by all means keep an eye to the sky.

Remember this is your newsletter and if you have a weather related article that you would like to see in a future issue please send it to either Bill or I and we will see about getting it in a future issue.

Till next month from all of us here in Warren to all of you and your family HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and a grand 4th of July to you all. Hope the fireworks displays in your area are the greatest yet, but please be careful using fireworks on your own. You all know the danger that they can cause.


June's Weather
  • 1st: Frost across northern Pennsylvania and upstate New York, while extreme northern New England reported below freezing temperatures.
  • 2nd: Strong storms with large hail in Central Indiana early damaged homes and businesses, and high winds blew down power lines.
  • 3rd: A massive line of thunderstorms that stretched from the Pacific Ocean to Idaho rotated in an arc across northwestern Oregon shutting highways, knocking down trees and cutting power to tens of thousands. The rain and hail flooded roads and spawned unconfirmed reports of tornadoes.
  • 6th: Southern Florida in the Miami area hit with heavy rains of 6 to 9", wind and some hail. Power outages and flooded roads were common.
  • 7th: Thunderstorms pounded parts of southeast Nebraska and southwest Iowa with hail, strong winds and heavy rain. At least five tornadoes touched down in Colorado, with one overturning benches and a car outside a mall in a Denver suburb with no serious injuries, cause moderate damage and gas leaks at the Southlands Mall, which was forced to close.
  • 8th: A powerful line of storms cut across southern Illinois with several tornadoes that caused lots of power outages.
  • 9th: Several severe thunderstorm hit Hampton Roads, VA with soaking rains, damaging winds, hail up to 3" and frequent lightning.
  • 10th: Heavy rains and flooding that included several tornadoes in Wyoming caused the damage to properties and businesses.
  • 11th: Severe weather rolled across Central Texas bringing heavy rain, hail, and reports of tornadoes. Two tornadoes touched down in southcentral Kentucky snapping trees and causing some damage to barns and homes, but no injuries.
  • 12th: Storms with wind gusts nearing hurricane speed are cutting across Arkansas, causing damage in at least 13 counties. Two tornadoes touched down in Tennessee toppled large trees and damaged several homes.
  • 14th: A series of storms stretched from the Black Hills of Wyoming into South Dakota and into the Nebraska Panhandle flooded roads, had several tornadoes and baseball size hail.
  • 15th: Storms that spread across the central U.S. brought heavy rains, wind and at least two tornadoes, renewing flooding concerns in already soggy areas and leaving thousands of people without power. At least two tornadoes touched down in Colorado on Monday, but there were no reports of injuries or damage. Strong thunderstorms in Bergen County in New Jersey brought heavy rain, strong winds, and hail up to 3" that covered streets and driveways.
  • 16th: Strong storms brought funnel clouds, tornadoes, hail and high wind to much of eastern South Dakota and dropped torrential rain. Severe thunderstorms and at least three tornadoes ripped across the North and South Carolina border downing trees, knocking out power to thousands, and blocking a section of a major interstate highway.
  • 17th: Powerful storms rolled across the Midwest bring heavy rain, strong winds and spawned several tornadoes that damaged homes and businesses, tossed railcars off their tracks and knocked out power to thousands. In the Tampa Bay area in Florida there were power outages and cleaning up from toppled trees from severe weather that had many lightning strikes.
  • 18th: Heavy rains, winds approaching hurricane force and frequent lightning rolled across Kentucky for the 3rd straight day knocking out power to thousands.
  • 19th: Strong storms in Indiana with heavy rain and damaging winds. A shower at Seattle-Tacoma Airport in Washington, while only .0.01" of rain, it was the first rain after 29 dry days.
  • 20th: In Michigan tornadoes destroyed or heavily damaged at least three homes and several other buildings in the western part of the state. And in Kansas severe weather with high wind and possible tornadoes blew down trees and power lines and caused two minor injuries.
  • 21st-26th: Summer heat throughout the South and Midwest with temperatures in the upper 90s to into the 100s.
  • 21st: A line of thunderstorms moved across parts of Iowa with heavy rain and many brief tornadoes.
  • 24th: Storms spawned two tornadoes in southwest North Dakota and as many as five in southeast South Dakota with hail in both states.
  • 26th: A severe thunderstorm rolled through the Bismarck, ND area with two confirmed tornadoes, flooding and knocking down trees.
  • 27th-28th: 100+ temperatures continued in much of Texas.
  • 28th: Record heat in much of California with temperatures of 100+. Storms move through East Tenneessee knocking down trees and power lines, but no major damage.

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