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Words From Jerry
It's Bill from Long Island doing Jerry's Words this month. Jerry is very busy getting ready for the Reunion.

I always say that Mother Nature likes to keep her weather books balanced. Last year Texas was suffering from drought conditions. Well she out did herself in June making up for the lack of rain. A number of cities have had the rainest June ever. Flooding of roads and homes has been far too common. Several lives have been lost. Now the heavy rains have hit Oklahoma and Kansas. Mother Nature needs to balance her books in a better way.

So far this Hurricane season there have been 2 named storms, but the last few weeks have been calm. Most forecasters are calling for an above average number of storms this year. If your located in an area that could be hit by a storm, you should already have all your plans done. Waiting until a storm is knocking on your door is too late.

July has now arrived bringing the 4th, Summer activities and the WEATHERFUN Reunion. You don't know what a good time is until you've attended a Reunion. Great activities, good food, and great company are just a few of the many things that you'll enjoy. So if your not able to come this year, make plans now for next year. It's an event that you'll remember for ever.

June's Weather
  • 1st: TS Barry forms SW of the Florida Keys with 50 mph winds. More than 30 homes suffered major damage after a tornado struck eastern Iowa
  • 2nd: TS Barry comes ashore in the Tampa, FL area with gusty winds and much needed rain that spread NE into Georgia helping put out the wildfires. Barry quickly became a depression and then just a rainstorm that soaked it's way up the East Coast.
  • 4th: A tornado touched down for a few minutes and damaged homes in western Indiana, about 20 miles east of Terre Haute.
  • 5th: Strong to severe storms hit parts of New England with damaging winds and hail.
  • 6th: Parts of the northern Rockies hit with several inches of snow with some areas getting a foot, while from New Mexico to North Dakato had strong winds, some gusting to 90 mph.
  • 7th: Wisconsin and upper Michigan hit with severe weather that included several tornadoes, baseball-size hail and dropping more than 6 inches of rain, while winds gusted to 80 mph from South Dakota to Missouri.
  • 11th: Several rounds of thunderstorms, including one that stalled over an area in Oklahoma, dumped between six and eight inches of rain in 12 hours and caused area lakes and streams to swell. More than two-dozen people were evacuated and nearly 30 more rescued by boat after a rain-swollen creek jumped its banks and surged into several neighborhoods.
  • 9th-10th: Temperatures at or near 100 degrees in parts of Florida.
  • 12th: Heavy rain, 1.76" in just a few hours, hit Winston-Salem, NC causing flash floods and flooded roadways.
  • 13th: Several tornadoes in Oklahoma, but no reports of damage or injuries.
  • 16th: Storms in Wyoming and South Dakota produced 2 tornadoes, hail and heavy rain. Northeastern Montana was hit with heavy rain and hail. The hail broke windows, damaged siding and flattened crops. The storms brought about two-and-a-half inches of rain to the area in about six hours.
  • 17th: Ongoing rain in eastern Texas has swollen rivers and flooded roads.
  • 18th: Torrential overnight rainfall flooded a handful of North Texas towns, killing two people and stranding people and their pets on the roofs of their homes awaiting rescue. Rain fell at a rate of an inch every 15 minutes in some places. Severe weather rolled across Ocala, FL with a pair of tornadoes that damaged at least one house.
  • 19th: Strong winds and powerful lightning strikes left many in parts of Oklahoma without power. Flash floods in the Catskills in New York left one dead and 4 missing.
  • 22nd: Storms from Texas to the Canadian border dropped hail in many areas and 2 tornadoes in Iowa that damaged several homes.
  • 24th-25th: A dry Winter and Spring was the fuel for a wind-driven wildfire in Lake Tahoe, CA that destroyed 220 homes and making for a State of Emergency being declared.
  • 25th: Massive flooding in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas from heavy tropical rains.
  • 27th: Heavy rains and flash flooding hit parts of Texas and Oklahoma, promoting mandatory evacuations, numerous water rescues of people trapped atop vehicles and rooftops and widespread flooding of roads and homes. Marble Falls, TX is reported to have 18.61" of rain in 24 hours.
  • 28th: The heavy and constant rain in Texas has taken 11 lives in the past 10 days.
  • 28th-29th: Flooding rains in Kansas, Oklahoma and once again parts of Texas. Several Texas cities will be near or set a new record for the most rain in not only June, but for any month of the year.

Wilmington, NC

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    We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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