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Welcome to the June issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to your June Weatherfun Newsletter.

June is a very busy month here on Weatherfun. First we welcome summer. Although the calendar says summer begins on June 21st meteorologically speaking summer begins on June 1st. So, why not join all of your fellow Weatherfun weathernuts and say welcome to summer. We hope it is a great summer, with a lot of Jerry perfect 12s in your area of this great nation.

Also June 1st is a very important date, when the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane season opens. Yes, the Atlantic Hurricane Season goes from June 1st to the end of November. As you may have heard forecasters are calling for an above average hurricane season. As you know several of our members including myself are located in the direct paths of these storms. Anywhere from the gulf to the Northeast is an area where any one of these terrible storms can hit.

This year NOAA indicates a 70% chance of an above-normal hurricane season, and a 20% chance of a near-normal season, and only a 10% chance of a below-normal season. The outlook calls for 12 - 15 tropical storms, with 7 - 9 becoming hurricanes, and 3 - 5 of these becoming major hurricanes.

As you know last year many of our members in the Florida area were under the gun of these storms. Several had damage from these storms. Even when Susan and I were in the Melbourne area of Florida in February we could still see some damage from the storms. No one knows for sure where these storms will hit folks, and they are not predicting where they will hit, just that they will be severe.

As you all know we all like to track these storms, and know where they are going, but we also are in here to help our fellow members who are in the direct path of these storms. Last year our Weatherfun members did a great job of helping those in Florida who were in the path of these storms, and I am sure we all will be there this year to help our members. But, remember to track these storms are one thing, but to go through one of them is another matter. I have gone through Carol, and although she was not a very violent storm it was bad enough, and very frightening, and changed my life forever. Please keep in mind that to track them is one thing, but please respect these storms. They are very violent storms and mother nature at its worst. Please respect these storms. When asked to move to another location by the authorities please do so. Keep in mind that if you choose to not follow the order of the officials you then put their lives in danger and I am sure you do not want to do that. Join your fellow Weatherfun members in tracking these storms, know where they are going, help your fellow members who are in the path of these storms, but above all respect them.

Also next month is our Weatherfun Family Reunion. We will be meeting at the Quality Motor Inn, in Somerset, mass, where Weatherfun Headquarters will be from July 12th to July 17th. The reunion goes from July 14th to the 17th, but some members will be coming to Rhode Island a few days early to enjoy some of the activities in the area. As the month goes on I will be releasing the final schedule of events, times and locations and also the Grand Finale Cookout. As you know we gather on Saturday night on my back yard pool deck where we have Professor Bill's weather quiz. Last year Lynn had some $5,000 worth of weather related items that we gave away as prizes. I am sure this year will be the same. Folks, as I have said in the past you never know what a great bunch of weather watchers and friends that we have here on Weatherfun until your spend a weekend with them. Get to know them better and break bread with them. So, why not make plans now to attend the grandest part of the summer of 2005 in and around the Rhode Island, and S. E. Mass. area. If you need further details please feel free to contact me or one of our moderators for further information.

Till next month enjoy your summer. Relax and take some extra time to enjoy the great weather that we have out there. Enjoy the colors of summer, the animal life that has suddenly come alive, and maybe even take in a sunrise or two. The winters can be long and cold, so while the good weather is here enjoy it my friends.

Remember this is your newsletter. Please support it, and if you have a special weather related article that you would like to see here, please feel free to let Bill or myself know about.

Have a great June and see you the first part of July.

May's Weather
  • 2nd: Parts of the Panhandle were hit with almost 5 inches of snow.
  • 5th-6th: Heavy rain along the coast of North Carolina and Virginia with some areas reporting over 4 inches of rain.
  • 7th-8th: Coastal New England hit with a coastal storm with heavy rain and high winds. Power outages were widespread along the coast.
  • 8th: Strong to severe thunderstorms brought large hail, rain and damaging winds to central and eastern Texas while the storms in Nebraska and South Dakota produced several tonadoes.
  • 10th: Severe storms in Nebraska and Iowa with hail and tornadoes.
  • 11th: Several inches of snow in the western Dakotas.
  • 12th: Severe weather throughout much of Tornado Alley with heavy rain, hail and tornadoes.
  • 13th: More severe weather in the Plains with a number of tornadoes.
  • 16th-23rd: Temps over 100 degrees in parts of the Southwest.
  • 20th: Flooding rains and strong winds cause power outages in the Washington, DC area, with some areas getting up to 4 inches of rain.
  • 24th-26th: A stalled storm off of Cape Cod/Long Island brought heavy rain, flooding tides and winds gusting to over 50 mph along the New England coast down to New Jersey.
  • 25th: Parts of southern Texas hit with severe weather of heavy rain, hail and a few tornadoes.
  • 29th: Severe storms in eastern Texas and along the Gulf Coast with heavy rain, hail and a few tornadoes. Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey hit with severe storms of flooding rains, damaging winds and some hail. Philadelphia had a wind gust of 69 mph.
  • 31st: Up to a foot of snow in parts of the mountains of Wyoming, while parts of Texas was hit with heavy rain, hail and a few tornadoes.

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

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