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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Welcome fellow Weatherfun members to the May issue of the Weatherfun News Letter, and Jerry's words.

The weather here in the northeast has been terrible. Very cool, and damp. Temp has been in the 50's to low 60's, and some showers. We had a few 70 degree days but you can count them on one of my hands. Looks like we will go right from winter to summer weather, and no spring.


Folks I really need your help with this year's reunion. So far I have only received a few answers, and I need to hear from you so that I know how many rooms we will need.

To make it easy please send to my private e-mail address and not the list. Your name, and if you are coming to the reunion or not. This way I will know and know how many rooms to reserve. This is very important and I need your help ASAP. Please respond ASAP, so that I can finalize plans.

Till next month enjoy your weather and hope it is a lot warmer than it is here in the northeast.


April's Weather
  • 1st: An April Fool's Day snowstorm hit parts of New England with up to 6" of heavy wet snow that caused 15,500 to be without power in Massachusetts. While parts of Maine had to 15 inches. Phoenix topped out at 100°, the city's first 100° day of 2011. Also the 2nd earliest occurrence of hitting the 100° mark.
  • 3rd: Record highs set from Texas to Missouri.
  • 3rd-4th: Severe storms first erupted over eastern Iowa and northeastern Kansas then tracked east into northern Missouri, southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois with flooding rains, damaging winds, hail and several tornadoes. Trees and powerlines were snapped causing thousands to lose power, with over 58,000 outages in the Nashville, TN area.
  • 4th: Severe weather moved through the Ark-La-Tex causing widespread damage and then moved into the rest of the SE. The NWS issued 80 tornado warnings from 842 am CDT to 831 pm CDT. There were over 10 reports of tornadoes, over 250 wind reports and over 40 reports of hail. Homes, lives, and property were wrecked across 15 states. 9 deaths were caused by the weather. Reports spanned from Texas to PA with the severe storm reports totalling 1347: 38 tornado reports, 1,220 wind reports, and 89 hail reports. The two tornadoes in Pulaski County, VA caused an estimated $8.5 million in damage. A wind-driven New Mexico grass fire destroyed five houses and several barns, forced evacuations and knocked out power to about 1,000 homes and businesses.
  • 6th: The "Sunless In Seattle" streak hits 40 days with nearly 6 weeks without a mostly sunny day.
  • 8th: Two tornadoes damaged many homes and businesses in Pulaski County, VA.
  • 9th: 9 people were struck and a dog were killed by lightning at a dog show in Morganton, NC.
  • 9th-10th: High winds with gusts of up to 50 miles-per-hour, drought conditions, high temperatures and low humidity throughout Texas combined to cause a wildfire in Western Texas that consumed 60,000 acres devastating the town of Fort Davis. Summerlike weather throughout the South with many cities reaching the 90s and setting record Highs. The NWS issued 59 tornado warnings on the 9th frin 1:44 PM EDT to 12:55 AM EDT).
  • 10th: The NWS issued 30 tornado warnings from 432 PM CDT to 947 PM CDT with at least 7 reports of tornadoes. Up to 3 tornadoes in Iowa caused lots of damage and downed powerlines with at least 4 homes completely destroyed, but no serious injuries. Iowa and Wisconsin were the states hardest hit. 2" diameter hail on south side of La Crosse, WI broke windows, damaged siding on 10-15 homes, & damaged cars.
  • 12th: The National Weather Service reported that 10 tornadoes hit central and northern Wisconsin on the 10th, tying an April record for the state.
  • 13th: Wildfires were still burning in dry West Texas: more than 120,000 acres and as many as 50 homes have been burned and may rank among State's worst.
  • 14th: The NWS confirms 12th tornado in Wisconsin from severe storms on 10th, breaking April's tornado record. 11 tornadoes touched down across Oklahoma. Powerful storms pounded parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia with heavy rain, thunderstorms and numerous tornadoes that resulted in 8 deaths.
  • 14th-15th: Spring storms hit Kansas with snow and high winds reported in far western areas of the state. A blizzard warning was issued because of snow and blowing snow that closed several roads. Violent storms ripped across Oklahoma and Arkansas overnight, killing nine people.
  • 15th: At least 30 homes destroyed in a new Texas wildfire, west of Fort Worth, TX with one firefighter killed fighting the wildfire.
  • 16th: Deadly tornadoes in North Carolina and Virginia with 22 deaths reported in North Carolina. There were at least 3 tornado touchdowns in Maryland. The 3 day outbreak resulted in 241 tornado reports across 6 states that decimated communities and resulted in 45 deaths.
  • 18th: Officials say at least 800 homes in North Carolina were destroyed/damaged during tornado outbreak on the 16th. Parts of western Michigan received between two and three inches of snow.
  • 19: Wildfires in #Texas have burned almost a million acres so far this year, about four times the amount as this time last year. 9.9" of snow in Green Bay, the greatest daily snowfall for so late in the season. 91.2" for the season, snowiest season since 1889-90! The storm also dumped up to 4" of heavy wet snow, causing slick roads in northern Iowa. Tens of thousands of Illinois customers lost power due to severe storms that included 5 tornadoes. There were 21 tornado’s in the storms in Indiana.
  • 19th-20th: Severe storms packing strong winds and possibly spawning tornadoes tore across Ohio, toppling trees into houses, ripping off store roofs and knocking out power from the southern end of the state all the way to Lake Erie. The NWS later confirmed 12 tornadoes.
  • 20th: 24 dead (12 in Bertie County alone), 133 injuries, at least 439 homes destroyed, 6189 homes damaged from the tornadoes in North Carolina on the 16th. The Tornado outbreak (at least 28 tornadoes confirmed), sets record for North Carolina.
  • 22nd: Tornadoes and high winds tore through the midwest state of Missouri downing trees, destroying homes and tearing parts of the roof off the airport, forcing it to close. Luckily only minor injuries reported. More than 45 thousand people lost power.
  • 22nd-26th: Rainfall for the 5 days: 19.70" near Springdale, AR...Poplar Bluff, MO: 14.68"...Westville, OK: 14.96". Homes had to be evacuated in Kentucky and Missouri near dams due to a fear of them failing from the heavy rain.
  • 23rd: The NWS survey crews found EF-4 tornado damage (winds between 166 and 200 mph) NW of St.Louis' airport. The NWS confirmed 40 tornadoes touched down in Alabama from the major tornado outbreak April 15th. A new April rainfall record was set at Cincinnati, KY Int'l Airport with 10.86".
  • 25th: Severe weather brought flooding and tornados to parts of the midwest. Four people were killed in the city of Vilonia, AR after a tornado struck and a total of eight people died in AR and 2 schools damaged.
  • 27th: At least 343 people died in a historic outbreak of over 100 tornadoes in 7 southern states. There were several EF-4 and EF-5 tornadoes with Alabama getting hit the worst.
  • 29th: Big Sky, Montana tied its record low temperatures of 9 degrees, set back in 1962.
  • 30th: Blowing, falling and drifting snow in western North Dakota closed many roads and highways. Tornadoes were reported 21 out 30 days during the month of April. At least 21 locations set either record wet or dry Aprils.

Downtown Denver, CO

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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website, but most of all have fun with your weather.
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