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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Welcome to your May issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter, and Jerry's Words.
First of all I would like to thank Bill for filling in for me over the past several months, while I had family problems with the illness of Pa and also with the final passing of him in March. I would also like to thank Bill for the great tribute that he wrote about Pa, and his passing in last month's newsletter. It was truly a great tribute and it came from the heart. Thank you Bill for this great tribute, that I will keep a copy of forever.
He will be missed at this year's reunion, but as you know we will be dedicating this year's reunion to Pa.
Well, the weather here has been up and down. We had some great weather for the school vacation week with temps in the 70's and some 80's. This made it feel more like early summer than March. Only problem was the extreme fire danger that resulted. Now we are in a period of much below normal temps, and even some frost advisories over the past few evenings. As the farmers say you really have to wait until after May 15th to be sure of the last frost and cold temps. Meanwhile in other parts of the nation people are experiencing some severe weather with tornado's as far north as Virginia. Even as of this writing tornado's have been noted in some parts of the nation.
Our big news of course is our annual Weatherfun Family Reunion to be held July 10th to the 13th, with opening ceremony at Tony and Shirley's on Thursday evening for an evening of weather talk, words from Jerry, and good food. We all look forward to this great event that is returning again this year. Plan on a great time and an evening of some great friendship, and great food.
As I have said I will be sending out duplicate copies of the flyer's, please be sure to fill them out and return them ASAP.
Remember folks, this is your Newsletter and if you have a weather related story that you would like to see in a future issue of your newsletter why not send it to Bill or I and we will see what we can do to include it in a future issue.
Ok onto this year's Family Reunion and a grand time.
Until next month Stay safe and keep an eye to the sky.

April's Weather
  • 1st: Blizzard conditions in upper Michigan with over 12" of snow in some areas.
  • 3rd: Severe storms in Arkansas with damaging winds, heavy rain, softball size hail and tornadoes. Flooding rains in Georgia with up to 8" in some areas.
  • 4th: Severe weather in the SE with Mississippi being hit the hardest with damaging winds, flooding rains and tornadoes that knocked down trees, caused power outages and ripped off roofs of homes and businesses.
  • 7th: A spring snowstorm caused slippery roads, forced school officials to delay or cancel classes in more than a dozen school districts in northern Minnesota due to up to 2 feet of snow.
  • 9th: Powerful storms including tornadoes moved through parts of Texas and Oklahoma, destroying several homes, knocking out power for many, and causing some injuries and at least one death.
  • 10th: A line of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes pounded the nation's heartland, flooding nearly 200 roads in Missouri, closing schools in Arkansas and ripping the roofs of dozens of houses in Texas.
  • 11th: Strong winds and possible tornadoes hit Mississippi, shredding roofs and slamming trees and power poles into homes and businesses. While in Tennessee strong storms and tornadoes damaged at least 50 homes across the state, downed trees and injuried at least five people. And in southeastern North Dakota got hit with almost a foot of snow leaving vehicles stuck on the roads.
  • 11th-12th: parts of the Upper Peninsula, Michigan got hit with up to a foot of snow.
  • 12th: Parts of North Carolina hit with severe storms of flooding rains, lightning and a tornado.
  • 14th: 10 cities tied or broke their Low temperature for day as cold air stretched from the Canadian border to Texas. Washington exceeded it's snow removal budget of $8 million this Winter.
  • 15th: 3 to 6 inches of snow down to the 400' level in the hills just east of Seattle.
  • 16th: Snow and icy roads led to several minor accidents on the steep approach to Eisenhower Tunnel beneath the Continental Divide on Interstate 70 in Colorado, forcing the closure of the eastbound lanes of the state's main east-west highway for several hours.
  • 18th: An unseasonable April snowstorm dumped as much as 10 inches of snow on parts of Cascade Mountains in Washington.
  • 20th: 4 to 8 inches in some places from south central Pennsylvania to the eastern Carolinas with 2 tornadoes in Maryland near Washington, D.C. and at least seven tornado in Virginia and North Carolina.
  • 21st: Tennis ball size hail in parts of Oklahoma damaged many cars.
  • 22nd: Severe weather pounded parts of Texas with baseball-sized hail, 70-mph winds and tornadoes, knocking down power lines and trees, and damaging some buildings.
  • 24th-25th: Severe storms in the extreme southwestern corner of Wisconsin dropped 6 inches of rain, closing 14 roads due to flooding and a tornado that damaged 4 homes.
  • 25th: At least two tornadoes, hail as large as softballs and 80-mile-an-hour winds hit north-central Kansas. Severe storms on the Illinois-Iowa border produced two tornadoes.
  • 25th-26th: A late April snowstorm dumped a foot of snow or more across parts of western and northern Minnesota, forcing authorities to close a major freeway and St. At least two deaths were blamed on the storm.
  • 28th: Snow flurries fell in the Twin Cities marking the first time in nearly a century that there has been snow four consecutive days this late in the spring season. 3 tornadoes in SE Virginia injured up to 200 people destroying homes and business, but luckily no fatalities.
  • 30: Eight of Colorado's ski resorts announced record snow totals for the season.

Seattle, WA

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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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