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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to your May, 2006 Weatherfun newsletter.

Here we are into the month of May, and as usual time is flying by. In some parts of our nation spring has sprung, and even some summer conditions, while up here in the northeast, we are still having rather cool, and at times raw conditions. Although we have seen a day or two of 70 degree weather, nothing more than that has been had in our area. As I have said in the past April is the transition month, when we go from cool weather right on into summer conditions. It is also the time of the year when the severe weather pattern sets up. We have already had some tornado's in members areas and I am sure that this activity will continue to even get worst. Remember folks, that your Weatherfun members are here during the severe weather conditions, and are here to offer and help you in services that you may not be able to activate from your area due to the severe weather. I can remember last year and the very severe tornado outbreak and how much time that Cat spent on line to help members who needed help. This shows us what a great bunch of weather watchers we have here on Weatherfun who are here to offer help during severe weather.

I would also like to point out the great help that our moderators do for Weatherfun. Our moderators are here to help me run Weatherfun, and keep it the great weather group that it is, and without them there is no way that I could continue the Weatherfun group. They give hours of work to keep our group one of the top if not the top weather group on the net. Please familiarize yourself with our moderators, and their location. If you need help, or have a question about Weatherfun, please be sure to contact one of your moderators in your area. At the end of each post the moderators are listed along with their e-mail address. So, if you ever have to contact one of them, just refer to the bottom of any Weatherfun post and you will see their names and e-mail address.

Also come June 1st the 2006 Hurricane Season will begin. You all know how severe last year's hurricane season was, and how it effected so many of Weatherfun members directly. We all pray and hope that this year's hurricane season is no where near that of last year, but as you all know the officials have already said that we could be looking at another severe hurricane season this year. Please make plans now if you are in an area effected by a hurricane or tropical storm, so that you are prepared for the storm before it heads in your area. Also Skywarn classes are being held this time of the year. If you are not a Skywarn member, why not check the NWS site in your area, and the schedule classes in your area and attend one of these classes and become a skywarn member.

Our next big event is coming upon us real quick folks. The 2006 5th Anniversary Weatherfun Family Reunion. Plans are already under way for not only this year's reunion, but the best reunion that we have had so far. Again this year's reunion will be held at the Quality Motor Inn, in Somerset, Mass. By now you have received a form to fill out and I will be resending this form out this week with all of the information for this year's Family reunion. Please be sure to fill out and send back to me your form even if you are not attending this year's family reunion. This way we will now how many rooms that we need at the Quality Motor in. Again that information will be sent to all of you in the next few days. You want a great time of weather related activities and information, areas to visit in and around the R. I. and nearby Mass. area, good food and above all good friendship. Well, then how about attending this year's 5th anniversary reunion. There is not many times that we can guarantee something, but we can guarantee you a great time at the Weatherfun Family Reunion.

Susan and I would like to wish all of the mom's on Weatherfun a very Happy Mother's day, and also a Happy Memorial Day. Hopefully the warmer weather will arrive shortly and we can all get out and enjoy a great spring and summer.

Remember that this is your newsletter, so please if you have any ideas or articles that you would like to see in this newsletter, please be sure to send it to Bill or me, and we will see that it gets into the next issue.


April's Weather
  • 2nd: At least 27 people are dead after tornadoes tore through eight U.S. states Sunday night that included softball size hail, injuring hundreds and leaving a wake of destruction and debris. The tornadoes hit hardest in the state of Tennessee, where 24 people died.
  • 4th-5th: The West Coast got hit again with more heavy rain (4-6" in some areas) and mountain snow and wind causing flash flooding and mudslides.
  • 6th: Kansas and Nebraska hit with severe weather of heavy rain, strong winds, hail and over a dozen tornadoes.
  • 7th: Severe weather hit Mississippi, Tennesse, and Alabama that included numerous tornadoes and resulted in 12 deaths in Tennesse.
  • 11th: After the wettest March in history for California, rain has continued to hammer the state. In the northern and central part of the state, a state of emergency in seven counties declared as more rain threatened the already weakened levees.
  • 14th: Indiana was again hit with severe weather. Heavy rains caused flooding, hail up to 2", strong winds and several tornadoes for the 3rd Friday in a row.
  • 16th: More severe weather hit Illinois and Indiana with heavy rain, hail, strong winds and several tornadoes. Texas Summer has started early with 90+ temperatures common with more on the way.
  • 17th: Up to 2 feet of snow in parts of Wyoming and the Dakotas.
  • 19th: After several record breaking days of heat, cooler weather moved into Texas. The hot weather had caused rolling blackouts due to the high use of power as people tried to keep cool. More than a foot of blowing snow closed major highways on the northwestern Plains and caused widespread power outages.
  • 20th: Parts of Texas were hit with strong storms that dumped 1-3" of rain in only a few hours, golfball size hail and winds gusting to over 50 mph. The spring blizzard, which dumped up to 5 feet of snow, cut power and threatened to flood low-lying areas, finally ended in the NW Plains. The heaviest snow was reported in the city of Lead in western South Dakota, near the Wyoming line, where the weather service reported 59.4 inches.
  • 22nd-23rd: A slow moving system brought heavy rain from Virginia to most of New England. 2-5 inches was common and some areas had over 6 inches of rain.
  • 23rd: Severe weather hit Kansas with hail and damaging winds. This was the first day this month that had no tornadoes.
  • 23rd-24th: Denver had a wild ride in temperatures going from a High of 80 degrees one day to 35 degrees with wet snow the next.
  • 24th: A powerful storm system spawned at least two tornadoes and numerous severe thunderstorms in Oklahoma, causing damage in central and northeastern areas of the state. One of the tornadoes rotated clockwise and this only happens 1 in 1000 times.
  • 28th: Storms battered North Texas with wind up to 100 mph and hail the size of baseballs, damaging buildings and slamming parked airplanes into each other at an airport.
  • 29th-30th: Tornadoes and waterspouts were reported as part of a line of big storms that dumped up to 2 inches of rain in southeast Louisiana, but overall damage was spotty

Kansas City, MO

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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Site but most of all have fun with your weather.
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