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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to the April issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter and Jerry's Words.

I could say that we have heavy snow falling outside with white out conditions, but April Fool's is all over, so I will say it like it is. Basically it looks like a good week ahead here in Warren with no storms, but we do have a Red Flag Warning for Tuesday for a high fire danger.


Andy is busy with two activities for this year's reunion and will be announcing them shortly. Unfortunately one of them has to be put off until next summer due to an expansion of the area, but this will make it even better for a much enjoyable event. I am sure you will all enjoy the events coming up.

I will be in contact with the motel this week and will let you all know the price of the rooms, but it looks like it will be the same as last year.

Spring is blooming in this area and flowers are coming out all over the area. Will be posting some pictures shortly.

Enjoy your spring, and see you all again next month.


March's Weather
  • 1st: NWS confirmed that at least 35 tornadoes happened on 2/29(11-MO, 11-KY, 4-KS, 4-TN, 2-IL, 2-NE, 1-IN)
  • 2nd: Another tornado outbread caused 39 deaths across 5 states (21-KY, 13-IN, 3-OH, 1-AL (1-GA indirect death).
  • 3rd: A late winter storm that carried 10 15 inches of heavy, wet snow and high winds across Michiganís Lower Peninsula knocking out power to more than 200,000 and causing dangerous travel conditions.
  • 4th: Many of the areas that were hit by the tornadoes on the 2nd, got 1 to 6" slowing down the cleanup.
  • 4th-5th: Lihue Airport on the Island of Kauai, HI received a record-breaking rainfall (Sun. 3.31" Mon. 8.64").
  • 5th: The NWS confirmed 54 tornadoes on the 2nd KY/WV: 19, TN: 9, AL: 7, OH: 5, GA: 5, IN: 4, NC: 2, SC: 1, MS: 1, VA:1.
  • 8th-14th: 1,029 high temperature records were set along with 664 rainfall records.
  • 9th: An EF-0 tornado (60-70 mph winds) hit Hawaii.
  • 12th: Severe storms in Michigan produced 23 reports of hail and an EF-1 tornado near Coleman, Michigan, which was the first tornado ever confirmed that far north in Michigan before March 20th. Heavy rains estimated 12 to 18" in southern Louisiana flooded roads and homes prompting hundreds of rescues.
  • 12th-13th: An historic March Snowstorm slammed the Oregon Coastline with up to 8" of snow and winds gusting to near 90 mph knocking down trees, causing power outages and closing roads.
  • 13th-21st: Chicago now set record highs 8 days in a row.
  • 14th-15th: Numerous reports of hail affecting parts of MO, IL, IN, TN, GA, KY, OH, NC, MI, WV.
  • 15th: Major damage to over 100 homes from a tornado in Dexter, MI. The tornado was later rated EF3, winds up to 140 mph, 7.2 mile path length, 800 yards wide. 5,618 high temperature records have been set since Jan 1.
  • 15th-18th: Heavy snow in the California mountains: Donner: 88" Alpine Meadows 83" Squaw Valley 80" Sugar Bowl 79".
  • 16th-17th: Tuolumne Meadows, CA (in the Sierra) picked up 26 inches of snow.
  • 17th-18th: International Falls, MN, the "Icebox of the Nation", crushed it's RECORD high by 22 degrees hittint 77,which is 42degrees above average and then broke it 24 hours later: 79.
  • 18th: 19.5 inches of snow in Flagstaff, AZ! That's 23% of the city's seasonal snow in just 1 day.
  • 19th: About 50 homes damaged or destroyed from a tornado in Medina Co., TX. 2 confirmed tornadoes in North Platte, NE tore roofs off several homes, downed power lines and injured two people.
  • 19th-21st: 3 to 9" of rain with several tornadoes hit OK, TX and MS, and LA had almost 16".
  • 23rd: Two EF-0 tornadoes in Ohio.
  • 20th-22nd: The NWS confirmed 21 tornadoes hit parts of Mississippi and Louisiana (11-LA, 10-MS) with at least one death.
  • 24th: So far over 6000 record highs were hit in March 2012.
  • 25th: Denver, CO recorded its 5th record high temperature so far this month 75ļF. Over 4000 people lost power around Southern California after a storm knocked down power lines, snarled roads and left a blanket of snow in the mountains.
  • 26th: 3,050 acres burned in wildfire in Jefferson Co., CO; 1 dead (15-25 homes burned).
  • 7700 heat records set in March in US.

Fort Smith, AR

Warm Winter
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This past Winter was
the 4th warmest Winter on record

Once again WEATHERFUN held it's Irish Lottery.

This year's winners were: Don, Billy and Cat

Evaporation Cooling

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Evaporational cooling occurs when precipitation falls
through a dry layer of air.
Since evaporation is a cooling process, the temperature
of the dry layer falls a few degrees.
This is especially common during late-winter storms
when the surface temperature starts out in the 40s,
but falls to freezing after the onset of precipitation.
How To Forecast Weather
Without Gadgets

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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website, but most of all have fun with your weather.
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