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issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

October 5, 1915 - March 16, 2008

Words From Jerry
Bill from Long Island doing "Jerry's Words" this month.

March was a very sad month for Jerry, his family and for WEATHERFUN. Not only did Jerry lose his Pa, but WEATHERFUN lost a great member and person.
Pa was as much a part of the Reunions as anyone. Everyone of us who have come to the Reunions would spend time with him. Not because it was the correct thing to do, but because he was such a nice man.
I was honored to have known him for several years and spent time with him at each Reunion, usually talking about the Red Sox and the Yankees. Last year, Jerry had told me when I had arrived for the Reunion that Pa wasn't eating much. The second night when Jerry went to his home to see Pa, I asked if Pa liked cherries. Jerry said yes. I had brought cherries to the Reunion, so I gave Jerry some to take to Pa. Jerry came back and told me that Pa was thrilled with the cherries and ate them right away. For the next few nights, I always gave Jerry cherries to take to Pa. At the cookout, Pa thank me for the cherries. It made me feel so good that this nice old man thought so much about my just sending him some cherries.
Later this past Summer, Jerry took Pa to the zoo and he enjoyed it. So, those that know me will understand this one, I mailed Pa a box of Animal Crackers and put a note in the package saying it was from the animals at the zoo. Jerry told me that he laughed and would ask each day for some of Bill's animal crackers that he shared with Sophia. Little did I know that what I though would be a simple joke, turned into such a great thing up in Warren.
Even in Pa's last weeks, Jerry would tell me that he had asked for me. Folks, we're all busy with our lives and problems, but to me that Pa would ask for me just would floor me. Jerry would sya how poorly Pa was doing and yet Pa asked for me, and others who have attended the Reunions.
As Jerry has said, this year's Reunion will be dedicated to Pa. I know that we'll all be sad, but we'll also have some good stories to tell about Pa. Hurricanes have a whole new meaning to many of us, thanks to Pa. lol
I'm honored and pleased to have known Pa.

Bill from Long Island

March's Weather
  • 2nd: After record breaking snows in February for many areas of New England, more snow caused continued problems with roofs collapsing.
  • 2nd-3rd: After very warm temperatures in Oklahoma and Texas, a Cold Front dropped 2 tornadoes and softball size hail in Oklahoma and rain that changed to snow in both states with up to 6 inches in some areas.
  • 3rd: Parts of Texas hit with a strong line of storms with flooding rains and damaging winds. In Louisiana a tornado knocked over trees and damaged several farm buildings and another tornado in southern Mississippi caused wide spread damage and injuried 14 people, while there were 2 more tornadoes in Alabama, one of which was an EF-1.
  • 4th: A state of emergency was declared in Big Stone Gap in Virginia after a strong thunderstorm hit the town, causing a 14-block area to be evacuated, because of "a micro-burst, tornadic-like event. A late-winter storm dumped as much as 10 inches of snow in parts of southeastern Michigan and created a slow and messy morning commute.
  • 5th: Snow, ice and flooding closed roads and schools across Ohio and left tens of thousands of customers without electricity in the aftermath of a storm system that had pummeled wide sections of the eastern half of the nation. Scattered school closings were reported Wednesday from Indiana to Maine. The National Weather Service issued flood warnings and advisories for streams from eastern Oklahoma to North Carolina and as far to the northeast as Massachusetts. In northern Maine, Caribou received 1.4 inches of snow overnight, giving the city a total of more than 160 inches so far this season, making this the second-snowiest winter on record there.
  • 7th: Severe thunderstorms and at least two tornadoes hit northern Florida, causing minor injuries, one death, destroying several homes and knocking down power lines, while winter storm dumped up to 9 inches of snow on North Texas.
  • 7th-8th: A late-winter snowstorm pummeled residents from Arkansas to the Great Lakes, knocking out electricity for thousands and bringing blizzard conditions to parts of Ohio and Kentucky with over a foot of snow in some areas. On the eastside of the storm, flooding rains all along the East Coast caused travel problems with flooded roads and over flowing streams and rivers. Power was knocked out in various states with winds gusting to 65 mph.
  • 14th: Severe weather in the SE with hail and tornadoes, one of which touchdown in Atlanta causing major damage to buildings. A storm brought more than a foot of new snow to the northwest Colorado mountains.
  • 15th: More severe weather in the SE with thunderstorms, hail and several tornadoes with one tornado responsible for 2 deaths in Georgia. South Carolina had 7 tornadoes. While they were weak, there was a great deal of damage.
  • 16th: Several tornadoes in South Carolina damaged several homes/businesses.
  • 18th-19th: Heavy rains from Texas to Ohio dropped 4 to 12" and caused major flooding.
  • 20th: Flooding in Missouri, Ohio, Indiana from yesterday's rains forced thousands to evacuate. At least 16 deaths blamed on the flooding rains of the past 2 days.
  • 21st: A springtime winter snow storm dropped several inches of snow on northern Illinois, canceled flights and caused slick road conditions.
  • 26th: Heavy snow, up to 6", and gusting winds from an early spring storm caused school delays and tied up traffic in Eastern Washington.
  • 27th: Severe storms in Missouri and Oklahoma with hail and 5 tornadoes.
  • 28th: With a few more inches of snow in New Hampshite, this season is now the 3rd snowiest ever.
  • 31st: Severe weather with several tornadoes in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri knocked out power, damaged trees, homes and businesses.

San Francisco, CA

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The winner of the March Question was Andy - Woonsocket, RI

The St Patrick's Day Winners were:

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  2. Kristen - Florida
  3. Rick - Indiana


We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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