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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Welcome folks to the February issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter and Jerry's Words.


This year's Family Reunion will be held on July 12 to the 15th. Sending this info to you now in case you have to get the time off from work to attend the reunion. Andy has some great events planned so please plan on attending this year's reunion. It will be by far the best reunion yet. Andy has put a lot of work into this year's events so please plan on attending for a grand time. You will be well pleased. Many other activities planned during the week also, so come on down and have a grand time.


February's Weather
  • 1st: Alaska had record breaking cold in January. Many places averaged 20 to 30 degrees below normal. 50 to 60 degrees below zero were common for Lows of the Day.
  • 2nd-4th: Blizzard conditions for parts of Colorado & Nebraska closed roads, schools and business, with hundreds of flights cancelled. 2 feet of snow was common, with up in the mountains up to 6 feet.
  • 3rd: 7 FedEx trailers were blown over by what was later confirmed an EF 1 tornado in Snook, TX.
  • 4th: A blanket of heavy, wet snow downed power lines and made travel almost impossible in parts of Nebraska.
  • 5th: A tropical low blasted Key West with 4.34" of rain breaking a 140 year old daily record.
  • 11th-12th: Rochester, NY's heavy lake effect snow event had a total of 16.5".
  • 12th: Record Lows were set in Jacksonville (24 degrees) Daytona Beach (30 degrees) Florida.
  • 18th: A severe weather system produced flash floods due to 3 to 4" of rain, severe thunderstorms and three tornado from Texas to Alabama.
  • 19th: A snow storm dropping close to 10" of snow caused dangerous roads and more than 18,000 lost power in western Virginia. The storm also brought wet snow to parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina.
  • 19th-22nd: 6 people were killed by avalanches in Washington state and Montana.
  • 22nd: More than 34,000 lost power around westerb Denver, CO area due to high winds that reached 80 mph in Boulder. An EF-1 tornado tore across parts of Floyd Co. GA causing a death.
  • 23rd: Severe weather produced 2 toranodes in South Carolina, 1 in Virginia and 1 in Georgia causing mostly damage to trees and knocking out power.
  • 24th:A Winter storm swept across the Midwest dropping several inches of snow and causing airport delays and a 50 vehicle pileup in white-out conditions in Pennsylvania that caused 3 deaths.
  • 24th-25th: The Winter storm moved on and dumped over 30" of snow in the mountains of Vermont and nearly 20 inches of snow in northern Maine.
  • 28th: The NWS would confirm the next day that Nebraska's first-ever February tornado had occurred (EF-0 near Greeley).
  • 28th-29th: A severe Tornado Outbreak produced at least 21 tornadoes (2-NE, 4-KS, 5-MO, 2-IL, 1-IN, 7-KY) and lead to 13 deaths (6-IL, 3-MO, 3-TN, 1-KS)

Downtown Chicago, IL viewed from Lake Michigan

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Contrails can be seen as white streaks high in the sky
as water condenses following the airplane.
The look of contrails is a good indication of what is
happening in the upper atmosphere.
Short contrails indicate its dry aloft, while long contrails
indicate a fair amount of moisture in the upper atmosphere.
Ripples in the contrails suggests a turbulent upper atmosphere.

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