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issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Bill from Long Island here as Jerry continues to be busy taking care of his Dad.

February saw some wild weather around the country. In the south, deadly tornadoes struck, while the much of New England set records for the most snow in February ever. Snow and cold were the words for the Great Lakes and upper Plains.
As we approach Spring, plans are being made for this year's Reunion. Lynn from Fallston has once again done a great poster for the Reunion that Jerry has recently sent out in a post. The dates for this year are July 10-13th, with some members arriving on the 8th. Activities are still being discussed and if anyone has any ideas or places that they think would be of interest, but let us know. Jerry has been in contact with the Motel and will soon have the information re: rates, which we always get a good deal on.
On behalf of Jerry and his family, I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers during Pa's illness. It's still touch and go at this point, but he has showned some improvment and I know it's because of all of you.
Remember, if you have an article, read a book or saw a great weather movie, let's us know and you could write up a short review and have it posted in the Newsletter. Also, if you have an idea on adding something to the format of the Newsletter, let us know. This is your Newsletter, so feel free to be a part of it not only as a reader, but as one who participates.

Until next month,
Bill from Long Island

February's Weather
  • 1st: Snow, sleet and ice in upstate New York caused many traffic accidents that resulted in 4 deaths. While in the Midwest, snow up to 12" over the past 2 days caused major travel problems on the roads and in the air. 6 storm related deaths were reported. Another storm system made roads impassible in parts of the Pacific Northwest.
  • 2nd: In Washington state, a 70-mile stretch of Interstate 90 remained closed because of the avalanche danger at the Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascade Range due to recent storms having dumped up to 5 feet of snow.
  • 4th: Hawaii had a record rainfall of nearly 11 inches in 24 hours that closed schools, damaged dozens of homes and held out the threat of mandatory evacuations.
  • 5th-6th: Tornado Outbreak in 5 southern states claiming at least 57 lives in Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky and Albaba.
  • 8th: Heavy snow and avalanche danger forced Washington state transportation officials to close all three of the major highways through the Cascade Range. Snow paralyzes high country of Colorado. A long stretch of the I-70 corridor, along with several mountain passes, were closed because of snow and blowing snow.
  • 9th: In Minnesota and Wisconsin blowing snow caused whiteout conditions, causing major road closures and leading authorities to advise people to stay home as temperatures dropped to below zero with Wind Chills of -30 degrees and lower.
  • 10th: Blinding snow caused a 68-vehicle pileup in Pennsylvania, while severe storms in the South with tornadoes injured over 30 people.
  • 12th: Tornadoes and other severe weather raked the Deep South on Tuesday, pushing Mississippi River ships around like toys, damaging homes and killing at least one person. In the Ohio River Valley snow and ice closed schools, knocked power out to thousands of homes and businesses and collapsed a bakery roof.
  • 13th: A weak tornado hit Cocoa Beach, FL, causing minor to moderate damage to 3 buildings. While parts of the Northeast was hit with over 6 inches of snow that caused major travel problems and closed many schools and businesses.
  • 14th: A surprise storm lashed San Diego County with rain and snow, stranding as many as 500 motorists on a mountain freeway and pouring mud down onto another roadway.
  • 16th: A tornado in Louisiana cut an eight-mile swath of damage.
  • 17th: Tornadoes in Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. 29 people were injured in Prattville, Alabama.
  • 19th: Heavy snow across the Great Lakes region brought road travel to a crawl and fired up violent thunderstorms that knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses in the Southeast. These thunderstorms and tornadoes caused about $15 million damage to some 1,300 homes in Georgia alone.
  • 20th: Severe storms caused three tornadoes to touch down in Southwest Louisiana.
  • 22nd: Snow hit the New York City tri-state area with 6 to 9 inches of snow that caused travel problems.
  • 24th: A winter storm pound the Sierra and Lake Tahoe Basin with up to a foot of snow, while higher up in the mountains up to a 1.5' fell. In one area, up to 30 inches of snow shut down the main artery from Nevada into northern California.
  • 26th: Strong storms in Alabama killed at least one person and left about 40,000 homes and businesses without power.
  • 28th: Chicago got its 35th measurable snow of season where the norm is 30.

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Kevin - Gaithersburg, MD was the winner of the February Question in our Monthly Contest. Scott and Bill each won 8 Points for the Bonus Question.
You can see how the Contest is going by checking out the Standings Page

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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