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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Welcome to the March issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter.
This being March let me also wish you a HAPPY SPRING. Yes, March 1st is the metrological beginning of spring so welcome to spring. Come June 1st I will also welcome you to the first day of summer. March came in like a lion in the Rhode Island area with 1.91 inches of rain, and a lot of flooding in several areas. The town of Bristol to my south had several roads closed due to flooding and many basements were also flooded with firemen pumping out basements for a few days.
As you know snow wise it has not been a very good winter for snow lovers. Here in Rhode Island we are around 24 inches below normal with only receiving so far around 4.25 inches of snow at my weather station. Way below normal. As Bill would say the fat lady is about to go on stage and sing her song due to the fact that we are running out of time in the snow department. But keep in mind here at my weather station I have received snow as late as May 9th with 9 inches of snow falling on that date.
Crocus are starting to pop and the robins have returned and many more signs of spring are also here, so think spring folks.
Our next big event is the 2007 Weatherfun Family Reunion. As I type this we are working on plans for this year's reunion, our theme and events. Very shortly all of you will be receiving a notice about this year's reunion and a questioner. This year's reunion will be held July 12th to July 15th so why not make plans now to attend one grand time where we will have plenty of weather activities, visit area of interest and above all plenty of good food. My suggestion is to leave your diet at home folks, because we have some very good Rhode Island food planned this year. Please if you have any suggestions on the reunion please feel free to contact Bill, Lynn, or myself with your suggestions. Let's make this year the best reunion yet. As the man says on TV folks, and he will for the last time this summer COME ON DOWN FOR A GRAND TIME.
Remember folks, this is your newsletter. If you have any ideas or articles that you would like to see in next months issue please feel free to send it to Bill or myself and we will see that it is added to the newsletter.
Remember we are now going into the severe weather season with tornado's and severe thunderstorms, please stay safe and keep an eye to the sky and remember that there is always a Weatherfun member here. If you need an up date on weather or radar scope please feel free to contact one of us.
Till next month enjoy your spring stay safe and keep an eye to the sky.


February's Weather
  • 1st: Snow, sleet and freezing rain from Georgia up through the Carolinas made for dangerous travel both on the road and in the air.
  • 2nd: Predawn severe storms with tornadoes rolled across central Florida with at least 20 lives lost and massive destruction.
  • 3rd: A blast of Arctic air into the Northern Plains had daytime temperatures well below zero. The very cold air was heading East and South.
  • 4th-7th: Falling and blowing snow and intense cold was blamed for at least 13 deaths nationwide since the cold settled in and kept schools closed for a second and in some cases a third day across much of Ohio and West Virginia and disrupted flights from Chicago to the Northeast. The weather service reported 62 inches of Lake Effect snow at Oswego, NY.
  • 12th: Lake Effect snow finally came to an end with up to 12 feet of snow having fallen.
  • 13th: A winter storm packing blizzard conditions in the Midwest with over a foot of snow in places and tornadoes along the Gulf coast with one death in New Orleans. The storm closed schools, forced hundreds of flight cancellations and disrupted travel from Kansas east to Ohio.
  • 14th: A monster snow and ice storm hit the Midwest and Northeast, leaving behind huge snow piles, frigid temperatures, highway logjams. The storm was blamed for at least 15 deaths. More than 95,000 homes and businesses were without electricity early in Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia and Delaware because of high wind and iced-up power lines. The storm left up to 12 inches of snow across Pennsylvania, 15 inches in Cleveland, 19 inches in western Massachusetts, 42 inches in the southern Adirondacks in New York and up to three feet of snow fell on parts of Vermont, good news for the state's beleaguered ski industry. Nearly 2 feet fell on parts of New Hampshire.
  • 17th: Thousands of travelers heading to ski areas for the holiday weekend were stalled by giant traffic jams in parts of Colorado as highways were blocked by crews removing snow slides. In Pennsylvania, three major interstate highways reopened after crews cleared them of ice and snow following the storm on the 14th that left hundreds of motorists stranded. Speed limits on interstates 78, 80 and 81 were reduced to 45 mph. At least 24 deaths have been blamed on the storm.
  • 18th: Cold weather hit Florida over the past 3 days with the northern half had overnight temperatures below freezing.
  • 20th: Denver, CO's streak of 61 days of snow cover ended today, two days short of a record that has stood since the winter of 1983-84.
  • 22nd: Warm Springlike temperatures in parts of the southeast with several cities setting record Highs.
  • 24th: A large, fast-moving snowstorm closed sections of major highways in the Plains from Denver to the Kansas line with up to a foot of snow and in the Upper Midwest more than a foot of snow fell and caused seven traffic deaths in Wisconsin. Tornadoes Hit 4 states leaving at least 27 injured in Arkansas.
  • 28th: The second big winter storm to hit the central United States in less than a week slammed parts of Nebraska and Iowa with near-blizzard conditions and spun off tornadoes that killed a child in Missouri.

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Gary - Bear, DE was our winner of the February Question in our Monthly Contest. He's WEATHERFUN's Forecaster of February and also received a Rain Gauge and Thermometer. The Monthly Contest runs through May with the winner receiving a fine Wireless Multi-Zone Weather Forecaster made by Springfield PreciseTemp.

Besides the MARCH QUESTION this month, we will be having an Irish Lottery.
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