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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings Weatherfun members and welcome to the February issue of Jerry's Words.
Due to continued family problems at this end, my words will be shorter than normal.

First of all the winter here in Rhode Island has been a Jerry type of winter for sure. Up to now I have only had 16.5 inches of snow. The month of January is running + 4 degrees above average. As you know we are now past the heart of winter, and although we have a ways to go it looks like this year could very well be a Jerry type of winter, and that puts a smile on my face from ear to ear.

No it is not too early to talk about this year's Weatherfun Family Reunion. The official dates for this year's reunion is July 10th to the 13th. As usual you are welcome to come a little early and join in the fun. As I have always said you do not get to know what a great group of people that we have here on Weatherfun until you attend a Family Reunion. Remember opening night on the 10th is the night of the Great Water Battle. Oh yes you will get wet that night, but a grand night will be had by all. This year I aim to be well prepared.
We are also looking for a mystery guest again this year. If you would like to be that mystery member attending, please get in touch with me at my private e-mail address of and we will talk about it.
Yes, we do guarantee you a great time.
Until we meet again stay safe and keep an eye to the sky.


January's Weather
  • 1st: Heavy snow in many areas of the midwest caused power outages and one death with up to 16 inches felling on southeastern Michigan to start the New Year. While in New England up to a foot of snow fell in many areas.
  • 2nd: The coldest air of the Winter swept across the nothern states with near zero or below lows common as the air headed east and south. 40 of West Virginia's 55 counties closed all public schools because of the heavy snow the day before left snow-covered roads and freezing temperatures.
  • 3rd: Bitter cold temperatures in the eastern half of the nation all the way to the Gulf Coast. Flurries fell across the Sunshine State, but it appeared that growers were spared the deep freeze they feared would devastate the nation's citrus supply as the temperatures in the 20s didn't last too long.
  • 4th-5th: A monster storm slammed the West Coast with heavy rain, heavy snow in the mountains and tremendous winds that gusted to 165 mph at Ward Mountain near Lake Tahoe. Rainfall totals were from 3 to 9 inches, while snow piled up in the mountains to over 70 inches. Throughout the area impacted by the storm roads were closed, flights canceled and over a million homes and businesses were without power. There were at least 3 stormrelated deaths.
  • A ruptured levee sent a frigid "wall of water" from a rain-swollen canal into Fernley, NV flooding hundreds of homes and forcing over 1,500 people to evacuate.
  • 7th-8th: Severe weather outbreak battered the Midwest with rain, thunderstorms, and close to 40 tornadoes reported with at least 6 deaths.
  • 8th-10th: In the eastern US almost 200 record High Temperatures were set in 37 states.
  • 10th: A tornado in Vancouver, WA uprooted trees, knocked down powerlines and injured several people.
  • 11th: Severe weather including tornadoes ripped across the south with 2 deaths in Mississippi.
  • 14th: New England hit with a snowstorm with many areas getting 12 to 18" that canceled flights, closed schools and caused power outages.
  • 15th-16th: A storm in the Gulf of Mexico dumped heavy rain all the coast from eastern Texas to Florida with some areas getting up to 5" of rain. The storm then brought much needed rain to Georgia and the Carolinas.
  • 16th-17th: Santa Anna winds in southern California gusted to hurricane force causing power outages. However with low temperatures and recent rains, there were no wildfires.
  • 17th: A parts of the SE saw snow for the first time this Winter. A few schools were closed in northern Georgia.
  • 18th-21st: Arctic air covered much of the nation with the northern states have overnight temperatures -20 to -30 degrees with Wind Chills below -50.
  • 19th: At least 2 tornadoes and strong storms in the Tampa, FL area. While there were no injuries or damage buildings, over 6000 people were without power. Parts of northern Georgia to North Carolina had some sleet and snow that caused travel problems.
  • 19th-20: Lake Effect snowstorm buries Oswego County in 3 feet of snow.
  • 21st-22nd: A foot of snow blanketed parts of Michigan and Wisconsin during the night, closing schools and causing numerous traffic accidents. At least three traffic deaths were blamed on the weather in Michigan.
  • 21st-25th: A powerful storm pounded southern California for 5 straight days with heavy rains of 2 to 5 inches, mountain snows up to 18 inches and at least one tornado.
  • 28th: Heavy snow pummeled mountain areas from Washington state to northern Arizona as two storms converged, one from hard-hit California and another from the Gulf of Alaska, leaving thousands without power, causing widespread havoc on roads and even overwhelming one ski resort.
  • 29th: Arctic air dropped temperatures in the northern Plains to -25 with Wind Chills to -50 degrees. Severe storms with possible tornadoes in Indiana caused 4 deaths.
  • 31st: A storm in the midsection of the country dumped snow to the west of it and heavy rain and wind to the east. Travel by road and air was disrupted.

Anchorage, Alaska

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