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Welcome to the February, 2005 issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

In Memory of Weather Dog Buffy

All of us at Weatherfun wish to extend our heartfelt sorrow to Jerry and Susan and their family, in their loss of Weatherfun's Mascot Buffy. For 14 years Buffy was our Founder's family pet, companion, and on many many occasions served as the best storm detector that ever was. She will be missed by us all....our thoughts and prayers are with you Jerry and Susan.

Your Weatherfun Family

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to the February Weatherfun newsletter. As I always say another month has bit the dust and we are that much closer to spring, flowers blooming, grass growing, and the best part of the year.

Weather wise as you know most of us in the Northeast has been hit by the Blizzard of 2005. Snow amounts of 18 to 38 inches have been reported with the bulk of the snowfall over Richard's back yard of Cape Cod, Mass. Here in Warren I have received 20 inches, but at T.F.G. airport where the official records are kept they have received 22 inches, so that is what the official amount for the state will go on record. Along with the snow and 8 foot drifts we have also had hurricane force winds. A state of emergency was put into effect for both Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, and some schools did not open for a week. Even as I write this newsletter some sidewalks are still impassable in Rhode Island and nearby Mass. Here we are just over the half way point of winter and we have talk of another storm this weekend, and the talk of another blizzard before the winter is over. Quite the winter of 2005.

The next big event is the mini Weatherfun Reunion to be held in Fla. Feb 18, 19, 20th. Susan and I will be heading to Florida on the 17th of February and will return to Warren on the 21st. We will be taking part in some activities along with other Weatherfun members in the Melbourne Fla. area. Our host for the mini reunion will be Steve, from Viera Fla. Steve will be putting together some activities that we all can attend, along with a dinner of good food, and friendship. If possible why not come on down to Fla. and meet Susan and I and join in the fun of good activities, good food, and great friendship? As the man on TV says: Come on down to Florida for a Weatherfun Mini Reunion, and have a great time.

In closing I would like to again thank all of you for your good words, letters, cards and phone calls on the passing of Weatherfun's official mascot Weather Dog Buffy. Buffy was my very special friend for the past 14.5 years, and a friend of many of you on your visits to our home here in Warren. In Buffy's good days she would be able to let me know when a thunderstorm was approaching from some 20 to 25 miles away. When we brought out our first Weatherfun website she became the official mascot of Weatherfun. She will be deeply missed.

Until our March newsletter stay safe, stay warm, and think spring. We will see some of you in Florida for the mini reunion.

January's Weather
  • 1st-3rd: Warm weather from Texas to New England with many record Highs set.
  • 2nd-3rd: California into the Rockies hit by a second storm of heavy rain, wind and moutain snow with 30" of snow just outside Flagstaff, AZ and up to 3' of snow in the mountains outside of Los Angeles.
  • 4th: Several record High temperatures set from Texas to Virginia. An avalanche in northern Colorado blocked a major highway.
  • 5th: A storm moving along a stationary front brought sleet and freezing rain from the Texas Panhandle to Ohio damaging trees and knocking out power with up to an inch of ice in Kansas. Further north up to 10" of snow fell. Rain and melting snow caused flooding in Ohio and Indiana.
  • 7th-8th: Another storm hits California with flooding rains, mudslides and beach erosion. Further East in the Rockies there was another foot of snow.
  • 9th: More heavy rain in California with heavy mountain snow into Neveda. At least 10 deaths over the weekend from the weather. Meanwhile, record High temperatures continued in the Southeast.
  • 10th: Since Dec. 28, up to 19 feet of snow had fallen at elevations above 7,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada, with 6.5 feet at lower elevations in the Reno area. Altogether California, Utah, Neveda, and Arizona suffered severely from the weather with billions of dollars of damage to property.
  • 11th-12th: More rain in Ohio and Indiana added to the already bad flooding situation.
  • 13th: Severe weather in the midwest with heavy rain, damaging winds and several tornadoes. A tornado in Arkansas killed 2 people.
  • 14th: It was thought that an avalanche in Utah killed 5 people out skiing in an out of bounds area, but instead it was one.
  • 16th-17th: More rain and mountain snow in the Northwest, while bitter cold air that had been in the Norther Plains spread out to the Gulf Coast and over to the Atlantic coastline. In northern Idaho two snowboarders were killed in an avalanche.
  • 18th: A levee breaks in SE Indiana flooding over 5,000 areas. Record warm temperatures in parts of Oregon and Washington, while many in the East had record low temperatures.
  • 18th-19th: Several record High temperatures set throughout the West.
  • 21st-23rd: A strong clipper dove SE from the Upper Plains dropping 6 to 12 inches of snow. It redeveloped off the New Jersey coastline bringing blizzard conditions from Long Island to Boston with snowfall totals of 10 to 38 inches and winds gusting to 84 mph. At least 16 deaths from this storm.
  • 24th-25th: While the East shivered, several record High temperatures were set in the upper Plains to the West Coast.
  • 29th: Sleet and freezing rain in parts of Georgia & South Carolina knocks out power and causes 3 deaths.

Presque Isle, Maine

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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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