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issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Bill from Long Island doing "Words From Jerry" this month since Jerry is under the weather and his Father is in the hospital.

December brings lots of things to us. The start of Winter, the Holidays, the end of a year and of course snow. Already parts of our country have had snow. Early predictions say that the Winter will start off cold and then become mild. Of course, they can't forecast 7 days out much less 3 months. But it's always interesting to hear what "they" are forecasting.
December 1st also means that the Hurricane Season has ended. This year our country was lucky. No strong storms hit the US even though the forecast had called for it. However, we did have 2 major Cat 5 storms, which hit Central America causing major damage and loss of life.
The end of the Hurricane Season also ends our Hurricane Contest. For the first time since the Contest began in 1999, the first questions of the season did not determine the winner. Congratulations to Jonathan from Allendale, MI who was able to hang on to be the winner.
Be sure to read a great book review done by Kevin at the end of this newsletter. Great job Kevin.
We who help Jerry, and I know Jerry and Susan would also say this, want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday. Once again this year, WEATHERFUN will be having a Holiday Lottery. So if you've been good, you can play and have the chance to win a gift from Santa. Watch your emails for when the Holiday Lottery will be.

Bill from Long Island

Novermber's Weather
  • 1st: After passing over the Bahamas dropping a record 15 inches of rain, Noel became an 80 mph hurricane.
  • 3rd: The remnants of Noel became a strong extratropical storm and went pass New England. Cape Cod and coastal Massachusetts had heavy rains and winds that gusted from 50 to hurricane force that downed trees and powerlines that left more than 56,000 people without power.
  • 6th-7th: The first Lake Effect Snow dropped 1 to 8 inches of snow from Michigan to NE Ohio and NW Pennsylvanis.7th-8th: High Temperatures in the 80's & 90's in the Southwest.
  • 12th: A powerful storm hit the NW with heavy rains and winds that gust over 90 mph. Tens of thousands of homes and businesses lost power.
  • 14th: Storms pounded East Tennessee and Kentucky with heavy rain, strong winds and several possible tornadoes.
  • 19th: Temperatures in the 70s were common from Denver, CO to Seattle, WA
  • 21st: Severe weather in the Panhandle of Florida with a possible tornado.
  • 21st-24th: A wildfire fanned by dry Santa Ana winds raced through the hills near Malibu and destroyed 53 homes, damaged 34 others and burned 4,750 acres.
  • 23rd-24th: As Winter approaches, much of Oklahoma and parts of Texas got their first snow. While it was light, there were still a number of traffic accidents.
  • 25th: While it was only a couple of inches, a sudden snow storm caused major delays, power outages and cancellations at The El Paso International Airport.
  • 27th: Up to 9 inches of snow to parts of the mountains outside of Denver, CO.

Bismark, ND

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Did You Know?

When leaves fall early,
Fall and Winter will be mild;
When leaves fall late,
Winter will be severe.

Go see the National Weather Service's
2007-2008 Winter Outlook

Thanks to Kevin - Gaithersburg, MD for this fine review of a weatherbook. This sounds like a great Christmas gift.

Author: Richard Schwartz (Hardcover – 400 pages)

This incredible book is a first of its kind – dedicated to the storms that have affected the Mid-Atlantic States through the past 300+ years, from the “Year of the Hurricane in 1667” up through Hurricane Jeanne in September 2004. A great reference for all hurricane enthusiasts the book includes explanations of all commonly used technical terms, references, and internet sources for everyone to use. But mostly it covers all the storms that through this extensive historical period had an affect on the mid-Atlantic States region. And Rick has done this with a definite personal touch, going to great lengths to get a “people- perspective” on what actually happened, what people went through during these storms. And he does his best to educate all of us that we are never “out of the woods” as to the future. We may be in a lull for action right now, but that is definitely temporary, and more storms that form in the future will definitely have more profound affects on the Mid-Atlantic region. Anyone and everyone in the mid-Atlantic area should reach out and get this book to have as a reference and to learn about the great effects these powerful storms have on their local areas. As Rick put it, “An understanding of storms past is vital to preparing for those ahead…”

Order your book through the websites or for credit card purchases or directly through Blue Diamond Books at 6516 China Grove Ct, Alexandria VA 22310 if you want to pay by check, bank check, or money order. Email Rick with questions/comments at:

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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