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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Season's Greetings fellow Weatherfun members, and welcome to the December issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter and Jerry's Words.

Well, we have not only gone through another month, but shortly another year.

It has been a great year for Weatherfun. We have grown in size, had a very successful family reunion, and also through our webmaster some great improvements on our website.

As you all know just a few days ago, the 2006 Hurricane Season came to an end, and what an unusual season it was. No U. S. Landfall, and after Katrina this was great news. Of course the 2007 season will start on June 1st, and with the name of Jerry on the list of named storms one can only imagine what the season could be like.

Here in the northeast we have just finished the second warmest November on record. I have recorded 6 days of 60 plus temp days. It was also a very wet and windy month with some damage in my area. The big question now is, is this a sign of what the winter will be like? A mild and wet winter instead of a cold and white winter. I am sure you all know what I am voting for.

CHRISTMAS EVE WITH SANTA: Again this year as in past Santa will be at Weatherfun Headquarters Christmas Eve between the hours of 5 to 7 PM eastern time. If you would like Santa to call your little ones, please send a private e-mail to my e-mail address with your phone number, the child's name and some information about the child that Santa would only know, and Santa will give the child a call, talk with them and wish them Merry Christmas.

REUNION: After the 1st of the year we hope to announce the date of the 2007 family reunion. As you know we have had a great success with our reunions, and this year will be the best one yet. Look for some new activities and a great time to be had by all.

WEATHERFUN STORE: With Christmas just around the corner, why not stop by the Weatherfun Store and check out our great selection of weather and non weather items, and make a purchase for that someone special on your list. Remember that Weatherfun members get an addition 10% discount, and as the man says on TV The Price Is Right.

SEASON'S GREETINGS: Until our next newsletter I would like to take this time to wish all Weatherfun members and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here's hoping that Santa brings you just what you asked for and the weather in your area is a Jerry perfect 12. Remember now one inch of snow Christmas Eve and one more on Christmas Day makes for a perfect winter.

Until next year Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Jerry, Susan, Pa, Keith Kevin, Tracey, Joe, Kendra, Shana and of course little Miss Sophia.


November's Weather
  • 1st: A strong Cold Front brought winds of 40 to 50 mph across Lake Superior causing 15 to 20 foot high waves. In Hawaii heavy rains caused mudslides that closed a major highway.
  • 2nd: More heavy rain in Hawaii with some areas getting up to 9" that caused highway flooding.
  • 2nd-4th: Heavy rains and winds pounded the NW causing flooded highways and several rivers to reach flood stage.
  • 3rd-4th: A band of lake-effect snow fell on parts of Oswego County in New York dropping up to 6" of the white stuff.
  • 6th-7th: Heavy rains up to 10 inches caused record flooding and mudslides in western Washington state with at least one person dead and scores of others in need of rescue by the National Guard.
  • 7th: Two tornadoes touched in central Florida. One was a strong F-1 and the other was an F-0.
  • 9th: After getting nearly 18" of rain in 36 hours earlier this week, swamped roads and bridges, cut power and sewer lines, and forced park officials at Mount Rainier National Park to close the gates for the first time in 26 years.
  • 10th: A band of heavy snow moved through southern Minnesota, dumping up to 6" of the white stuff.
  • 13th: The Pacific NW hit with another storm with heavy rain, winds gusting from 50-80 mph and mountain snows with whiteout conditions.
  • 14th: After dumping rain on the mid-Atlantic, the storm moved NE to hit Maine with over 2" of rain and winds to 35 mph.
  • 15th: A winter storm dropped a foot of snow on parts of Colorado bringing high winds that gusted to 66 mph and closing highways.
  • 15th: Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were battered by the storms with straight-line winds and at least one tornado that overturned mobile homes and tractor-trailers, uprooted trees and knocked down power lines. At least one person was killed and 8 injured. While the Northwest coast more storms packed less rain but stronger winds, blowing down trees, closing roads and bridges and leaving roughly 150,000 homes and businesses without electricity at one point. Seattle broke their November rainfall record with 11.63" so far.
  • 16th: Severe weather from South Carolina to Virginia brought flooding rains, damaging winds and tornadoes. At least 12 people died, with 8 in North Carolina due to a tornado outbreak.
  • 19th-21st: Cold weather in the South with overnight lows in the 30s on the way down to central Florida. Up to an inch of snow fell in upstate South Carolina, up to two inches of snow fell over parts of eastern Georgia and snow was seen even in parts of north central Florida.
  • 22nd-25th: Mount Baker, WA had 70 inches in four days.
  • 26th-27th: Another storm slams into the Northwest with heavy rain, winds gusting to 60 mph and mountain snows over 2 feet. Roads were dangerous, schools closed and power outages were widespread. The storm caused at least 2 deaths.
  • 27th: The snow in Seattle was capping off a month of heavy rain, which was edging closer to a wettest-single-month record. As of 10 p.m. Monday, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where official measurements are kept, had received 15.26 inches of precipitation just .07 inches short of the 15.33 inches recorded in downtown Seattle in December 1933.
  • 29th-30th: A strong Cold Front with the coldest weather of the season so far slowly moved across the center of the country bringing rain that changed to sleet and snow and strong gusty winds. Temperatures dropped by as much as 40 degrees in 12 hours in some areas. Up to 18 inches of snow was dumped in a swath from southeast Kansas to southeast Wisconsin. Snowfall rates of 1-2" per hour, accompanied at times by lightning, blanketed parts of Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
  • 30th: 15.63 inches of rain was as measured at Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle, WA breaking the January 1953 record of 12.92.

Biloxi, MS

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