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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to the November issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter and Jerry's words.

Due to health problems my words this month will be short.

I would just like to thank everyone who sent greetings, good words and prayers during my recent heart attack. Believe me when I tell you it was a very scary experience, but I am now on a very slow recovery and hope to be back to normal very soon. I thank Bill, and all the moderators for stepping in and keeping things running smoothly. You will be happy to hear that I have made plans so that if anything every did happen to me Weatherfun would go on and continue to be the great group that it is. It is not only me that is Weatherfun, but all of you, our great members who have made it such a successful group. So, it will continue to be a great active group for many years to come. Again thank you all for the great words and prayers and phone calls that I have received over the past week and a half.

Weather wise it has been mild here in Warren. We are past peak in the fall foliage and I missed most of it being in the hospital. I missed a lot of great pictures this year, but there is always next year. I hope the weather has been great in your part of the country. I have missed most of the reports being away from the computer, but hope you are all enjoying a great fall and sure hope that the winter will not be very harsh on us this year.

Keep in mind that plans for the 2010 Weatherfun Family Reunion continue. Keep the second week of July open and our headquarters will continue to be at the Quality Motor Inn in Somerset, Mass. Many great plans on in the making and one special one will be a visit to Blue Hill Observatory where they are holding a special anniversary this year.

Susan and I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. Yes, the holiday's are here as I found out this a.m. on the music channels of my cable system where the seasonal music channel started to play Christmas Music today. I am sure that satellite will follow shortly.

Until next month, please stay safe and keep an eye to the sky, and I hope the weather is a perfect 12 in your area of this great nation.


October's Weather
  • 3rd: Howling winds in western Montana toppled power lines in a wide area.
  • 4th: Rain throughout Central Texas caused street and highway flooding in some areas. Some of the mountains in Oregon and Idaho saw the first snow of the season. TS Grace forms well out in the northeastern Atlantic.
  • 6th: TS Henri forms in the mid-Atlantic. Parts of western Wyoming had to dig out from a snowstorm that caused powers outages and traffic accidents.
  • 7th: Heavy rain in eastern Oklahoma and western Missouri caused flash flooding in areas.
  • 8th: Henri weakens to a depression.
  • 8th-9th: More heavy rain in Missouri and Oklahoma caused many roads to be flooded and threated homes.
  • 9th: Damage caused by storms in at least two South Central Kentucky counties was due to a tornado. While in northeast Mississippi, a line of thunderstorms and possible tornadoes peeled back roofs, knocked down trees and turned scheduled events upside down.
  • 10th: The 3rd Game of the Philadelphia/Colorado was postponed in Denver due to cold and snow and parts of Nebraska got up to 11" of snow.
  • 13th: A storm packing heavy precipitation and near-hurricane force wind gusts hit the Bay Area dropped as much as seven inches of rain in higher elevations.
  • 14th: Parts of North Dakota had 5" of wet, heavy snow that snapped branches and power lines.
  • 15th: A Nor'easter brought rain and wind along the coast with some snow inland. Central Pennsylvania hit the jackpot with 2-7" of heavy snow that brought down tree limbs and powerlines. With nearly 3" of snow in parts of northern New Jersey, it almost broke a 30 year old record for that amount. Some areas set a record for the earliest measureable snowfall.
  • 17th: Snow showers started fell above 3,000 feet in the far western part of the state around the Smoky Mountains National Park in NC. Early for this area.
  • 19th: Temperatures fell to record lows after back-to-back nor'easter storms brought coastal flooding to portions of New York, Maryland and Virginia.
  • 21st: Northeast Colorado had 4-9" of snow.
  • 21st-22nd: Many parts of Texas had strong winds, hail and flooding rains as 3-8" fell.
  • 22nd: 4 tornadoes in Louisiana while in North Platte, NE got 4.2" of snow setting a record for the most snow in October. Heavy, wet snow knocked down tree branches and knocked out power to parts of southern Nebraska.
  • 26th: Much of central and eastern Texas got 2-4" more rain.
  • The first significant snowfall of the season in Cascades of Washington with 6-12" of snow.
  • 27th-28th: The season's first major snowstorm hit Colorado, Wyoming, and western Nebraska and South Dakota. In the mountain regions just west of Denver, up to 38 inches of snow has fallen. It was the biggest October snowstorm in the Denver region since 1997.
  • 28th: Heavy rain in Arkansas and Oklahoma caused many roadways to be flooded and 2 tornadoes touched down in Arkansas, but no injuries.
  • 28th-29th: More flooding rains in eastern Texas into Louisiana.
  • 29th: About 15" of heavy snow in parts of western South Dakota and a foot of wet snow knocked out power to about 1,100 customers of a south-central Nebraska utility district. One man died and a landmark church steeple toppled onto a car in Louisiana after a line of thunderstorms spawned several tornadoes.
  • 31st: North Platte, Nebraska had 30.3" of snow for the month, more than the average for the whole Winter.

Silver Lake
near Rochester, NY

Links 4 You
From the recent flooding in Georgia these links are a slide show from the local news stations in Georgia.

    Lightning is a severe weather event which can strike at any time. During the development of a thunderstorm, several states rank as the most dangerous for lightning deaths and injuries. The Top 10 of the Most Dangerous US States for Lightning Deaths can be found HERE
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Do you know what an Occluded Front is?

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