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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to the November issue of the Weatherfun Newsletter and Jerry's words. Here we are on the eve of the holiday season, and it seems like just yesterday we were arriving at the motel for the 2007 Weatherfun Family Reunion. Now, we are getting ready to dig in for the long winter season and the snow flying. We are also coming close to the end of he 2007 Hurricane Season. As you know it has been a very mild season, but as of this writing we have a T. S. called NOEL just south of Florida, and we have to keep an eye on this storm, until it is well out of the picture. NOEL bears watching at this time and could even bring some rain and breezy conditions to my area as its remnants go out to sea.
The weather as most of you know has turned quite cool in many parts of our nation, and some of you have already had the first of the dreaded snow. I have had my first frost here in Rhode Island. Not a killing frost but none the less our first frost. Overall through the month of October has been a mild month with above average temperatures, and very little rain. We are below average in the rain department and a drought advisory has been issued for my area.
2008 Weatherfun Family Reunion: Plans are already in the making for our 2008 family reunion. This year we plan on pulling out all the stops and bring you one great reunion. If you have not been to a reunion as of yet this is the year to attend. I am working on a weather related event that I know you all will enjoy very much. How about another mystery member attending this year's reunion. If you would like to be that mystery member, please get back to me privately and my private e-mail address and we can make plans for your arrival. While planning your 2008 vacation why not keep open the second week of July for our 2008 Family Reunion. If you have any ideas for this year's reunion, why not contact Lynn, Bill or me and we will be glad to hear your ideas. Also if there is a past event that you would like to see returned to this year's reunion, why not also let us know about it.
Don't forget to set your clock back one hour this weekend as daylight saving time ends. This also means that winter is on the way and on our doorstep. Already hearing of snow being made at the ski areas of New Hampshire. Will this be a snow lovers winter, or a snow haters winter? Well, I am sure you all know where I stand on that. It is now time to prepare your yard for the long winter season, order that fire wood, put away the summer furniture, and get ready for the elements of winter. Just keep in mind that the next season is spring and the great weather will return before you know it.
Why not spend sometime at our website at Bill out webmaster with the help of Lynn is doing a great job on our website. So, why not hope up there and check it out. Bill has also added a map showing the locations of some of our members. You can also register your location on that map, so that members know what part of our great nation that you come from.
Remember folks this is your newsletter, so why not send a weather related story to Bill or I and we will see that it gets added to the next issue.
Until next months issue stay warm, and keep an eye to the sky.

October's Weather
  • 1st-2nd: Disturbed weather in southern Florida brought heavy rain and strong winds to much of the state with the east coast having beach erosion and strong rip currents.
  • Strong storms in Iowa and Missouri produces several tornadoes that damaged homes and caused widespread power outages.
  • 4th: Summerlike heat through the South, Midwest and East with 16 cities setting record Highs, while in the northern Rockies 6-8" of snow fell.
  • 7thth-8th: Summerlike temperatures throughout the Midwest, South and East with many record Highs set
  • 9th: A storm off the NW coast sent a front onshore with over an inch of rain, up to 6 inches of snow in the mountains and strong winds that knocked out power in several areas.
  • 11th: Strong storms in New York City and western Long Island produced flooding rains of up to 3" and damaging winds and lightning. A Tornado Warning was issued, but nothing developed.
  • 14th: A storm in Colorado brought heavy rains in the valleys and up to a foot of snow in the mountains.
  • 15th: NE Texas hit with strong to severe storms with flooding rains up to 4 inches and hail.
  • 17th-18th: Storms that spun tornadoes and dropped pounding hail in the central United States to the Florida Panhandle with 30 tonadoes recorded. 6 people died due to the storms.
  • 20th-21st: The temperature dropped from 66 to 46 in 1 hour Saturday evening and the rain on Sunday changed to the first snow of the season for Denver, CO. Parts of Colorado higher up in the mountains received up to 10 inches of snow.
  • 21st: Wildfires fanned by hurricane-force Santa Ana winds burned more than 1,200 acres and destroyed several homes, a church and a landmark castle and killed one person.
  • 23rd: The third day of wildfires in southern California fanned by hurricane force winds have burned over 370,000 areas and resulted in 6 deaths.
  • 24th: After forcing almost a million people to evacuate, 1600 homes destroyed and 400,000 acres burned by the wildfires, the wind decreased and switched to onshore. However, the fires continued to burn.
  • 26th: Cooler temperatures and light winds allowed firefighters in southern California to make good progress on controlling the wildfires. The death toll reached 7, 1700 homes destroyed and 500,000 areas burned.
  • 28th: TS Noel forms just south of Haiti.
  • 28th-29th: TS Noel dumped 4-7" of rain on Puerto Rico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic causing flash flooding and landslides. The Bavahna Peninsula in southern Dominican Republic got almost 12" of rain and at least 20 deaths were reported.
  • 31st: The death toll from TS Noel reached over 100 from the flooding rains. Rainfall totals reached up to 15 inches.

Denver, Colorado

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