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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Welcome fellow Weatherfun member's to the October Weatherfun Newsletter and Jerry's words.

First of all I would like to thank Bill for doing the words for the last two months while I had computer problems. He did a great job. I now have a new computer and I am all set.

The weather here in Warren for Sept. has been a little above normal in the temp. dept. with a few heavy T-storms. The leaves are starting to turn and in Northern New England they are about peak.


I know we have gone on some great events, like the whale watching and the boat ride on the Cape Cod Canal, but wait until next year's reunion.

Our activities director Andy is planning two events that will knock your socks off. Some of you asked me about the cranberry bogs while driving to the canal boat ride. Well next year we will be just about on top of them. You will talk about these events for year's to come. So why not plan now to attend next year's reunion the second week of July and have a great time.

Jerry Laroche

September's Weather
  • 1st: Hurricane Irene's death toll reached 46 in 13 states. Denver, CO's average temp in August was 77, making it the hottest August on record, breaking the 76.8 record from 1937 and Phoenix, AZ tied with July 2009 its all-time record hottest month with average temp of 98.3 in August. 15 Texas cities as well as Oklahoma City, OK & Shreveport, LA recorded their all-time hottest summer with the average high temp in Dallas being 101.2 with 65 days of 100 degrees or more. TS Katia became a hurricane way out in the Atlantic, but then was downgraded at night to a TS with 70 mph winds due to unfavorable upper level winds. Tropical Depression #13 forms in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • 2nd-3rd: T.D. 13 strengthens into Tropical Storm Lee as it approaches the Louisianna coast and caused 66 tornado warnings.
  • 3rd: Katia weakens to a tropical storm. Tropical Storm Lee approached Atchafalaya Bay, LA with heavy rains and strong winds causing tornado warnings.
  • 4th: A wildfire in Bastrop County, TX has burned 14,000 acres, while several other wildfires were burning as the dry conditions combined with gusty winds. 300 homes were burned in Bastrop, TX. Katia becomes a Cat 1 hurricane again. TS Lee comes ashore in Louisiana with heavy rains, flash floods, strong winds and tornadoes all the way to the Florida Panhandle. Areas in and around Louisiana got up to 10" of rain with one death reported. Phoenic, AZ for the 33rd day reaches or passes 110.
  • 5th: Lee becomes a tropical depression over land, but continues to drop heavy as it moved along very slowly taking one life in Mississippi and continued to cause tornadoes. Since the 2nd Lee had prompted 185 tornado warnings through today with severe weather reported today form AL to FL to VA with 14 tornado reports, 135 damaging wind reports. Rainfall totals reach 15" in parts of Louisiana. Katia becomes a Cat 4. In Bastrop, TX 25,000 acres scorched with 476 homes. The backside of Lee feeds the Texas wildfires with strong and dry winds. To date the Bastrop wildfire had burned 30,000 acres and 600 homes, and caused 20 neighborhoods to be evacuated that totalled 5,000 people.
  • 6th: After have record days of heat all Summer, Waco, TX ties the record low of 53 set in 1997. Huntsville, AL has the coldest Summer day in history reaching only 60 degrees. The top rainfall totals from Lee were: LA: 15.43" MS: 13.45" AL: 11.74" FL: 10.03" TN: 8.08". A tropical depression forms about 920 miles WSW of the Cape Verde Islands. Katia weakens to a Cat 2 and not a threat to the US.
  • 7th: TS Nate forms in the SW Gulf of Mexico. TD#14 becomes TS Maria. After Lee's flooding rains, 4 record Lows were set in Mississippi: Jackson (50) Greenwood (46) Greenville (48) & Vicksburg-Tallulah (45). The Bastrop, TX wildfire has now destroyed nearly 800 homes. Wildfires have now burned in Texas for 296 consecutive days, scorching 3.5 million acres. Waco, TX breaks another record low with 52 degrees. Houston, TX tied its record low of 59, the first time the city tied or broke a record low since Dec. 5, 2009.
  • 7th-8th: A stalled Front and the remenants from Lee produced heavy rains from Virginia to New York. 9 states had at least 1 location with 10"+ rain. More than 100,000 were evacuated in Pennsylvania. Both Pennsylvania and central New York had several rivers reach record breaking levels. It was the worst flooding since Agnes 1972 in PA & NY. The Bastrop, Texas wildfire has now destroyed nearly 1,400 homes and the blaze is 30 percent contained.
  • 9th: The Northeast Flooding caused at least 15 deaths and dropped 45 trillion gallons of rain.
  • 10th: After a record hot Summer, Waco, TX sets a record Low of 52. A fast moving thunderstorms brought hail, lightning, heavy rain and strong winds with isolated tornadoes to Southern California. To date nearly 3 million acres have been charred by wildfires in TX so far this year. After yesterday's record Low in Waco, TX, a record High of 104 was set. The Bastrop Co., TX wildfire has destroyed at least 1,554 homes. TS Nate makes landfall just north of Barra De Nautla, Mexico and quickly becomes a depression. Tropical Storm Lee spawned 38 tornadoes & ranks 2nd behind Fay(49 tornadoes in 2008) as the most prolific tornado-producing Tropical Storm.
  • 13th: Dallas, TX breaks its record for 100+ degree days in one year reaching it 70 times, while Wichita Falls, TX hits 100 degrees for the 100th day in 2011. Heavy rain caused flash flooding around Las Vegas that resutled in water rescues 4 miles from downtown.
  • 14th: Atlanta, GA tied its record for 90-degree-plus days in any year(90)previously set in 1980.
  • 15th: International Falls, MN had a low of 19 making it the coldest so early in season and the 1st teens on record in September there. TS Maria becomes a hurricane racing towards Newfoundland, Canada.
  • 16th: A waterspout over Assawoman Bay came ashore as a tornado in Ocean City, MD., damaging cars and buildings. Record lows in MN & WI with temperatures in the 20s. International Falls, MN set a new record for the 2nd day in a row with 23F. Marie makes landfall near Cape Pine, Newfoundland with strong winds, heavy rain and quickly becomes a depression.
  • 17th: Heavy rains caused major flooding of roads. Severe storms in Northwest Oklahoma produced several tornadoes with no major damage.
  • 18th: Waco, TX got 2.13" of rain in just 2 hours, more than the last 120 previous days combined.
  • 20th: TS Ophelia forms well out in the Atlantic.
  • 24th: TD 17 forms and then becomes TS Philippe over the far eastern tropical Atlantic. Rare waterspouts sighted off the Milwaukee shoreline of Lake Michigan.
  • 25th: Thousands of customers lost power in scattered outages caused by windy weather in the Seattle, WA area. An EF-0 tornado just west of Tichnor, AR. Ophelia weakens to a depression. Record Summer heat returned to Texas with Waco setting a record High of 106.
  • 27th: Ophelia becomes a tropical depression again east of the Leeward Islands. San Angelo, TX hit 100 for the 100th time this year.
  • 28th: TD Ophelia becomes a Tropical Storm again.
  • 29th: Ophelia becomes a hurricane still well out in the Atlantic.
  • 30th: Hurricane Ophelia now becomes a Cat 2 with winds of 98 mph.

Nantucket, MA


Most people think that the tornado season is in the Spring, but tornadoes can still happen from now to the end of the year.

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Hello New Members
  • Jody - - Atlanta, GA
Summer Temperatures

Warmest Statewide Summer Temperatures 1895-2011
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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website, but most of all have fun with your weather.
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