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Welcome to the

issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Welcome fellow Weatherfun members to the October issue of Jerry's Word.

Summer has ended and Autumn is here. This year Summer just seemed to fly by, and before we knew it Autumn was on our doorstep. We have already had some very cool nights, and the trees are starting to turn, and soon the leaves will fall. Summer overall was great here in Warren with plenty of sun and summer temps. Thunderstorms however were not that prevalent and I believe I only had one class 3 thunderstorm. It was a very dry summer and we are well below in the rain area. One holiday item that is around this time of year will be much higher in price due to the lack of rain. Pumpkins will be very expensive this year, and harder to find all due to the drought.

The hurricane season goes until the end of November, and so far this season has not been that bad of a season. But I remember former Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield saying it is not the number of hurricanes that matter. If one hurricane hits your area and does a lot of property damage it was a bad season. Hopefully the rest of the season will not have a bad ending.

REUNION: We are still talking about this year's reunion and the grand time that we all had. It was by far the best attended reunion. Plans are already in the making for next year's reunion, and hopefully we will have another mystery guest attending. I am working on a weather event that I know you all will enjoy very much. When making your vacation plans keep the second week of July open and head northeast for a grand time.

We still have some good weather ahead of us before the snow starts to fall, so by all means get out and enjoy some of the best weather of the year.

Remember that this is your newsletter and if you have an item that you would like to see in one of the future issues why not send it to Bill or me and we will have it on a future issue.


September's Weather
  • 1st: Hurricane Felix becomes a Cat 2 in the eastern Carribean and continued on a WNW path with signs of growing stronger.
  • 2nd: Felix strengthens rapidly and by early evening is a Cat 5 with winds of 165 mph.
  • 3rd; Felix weakens a little to a Cat 4 as he heads towards Central America. Heat Wave lasting a week hits southern California with temperatures reaching to the upper 90s to the low 100s. Blackouts leave 1,000s without power and thus air conditioning.
  • 4th: Felix became a Cat 5 again before coming onshore in northeastern Nicaragua with 160 mph winds and heavy rain. A few days later the death toll stood at close to 100.
  • 5th: The southern California heat wave has claimed 27 lives.
  • 7th: TS Gabrielle developed about 320 miles SE of North Carolina and was moving west towards the state.
  • 7th-8th: Flooding rains from a stalled Front over Missouri and Oklahoma totalled from 5 to 7 inches.
  • 9th: TS Gabrielle came ashore in eastern North Carolina's Outer Banks with wind gust up to 61 mph, 4 to 8 inches of rain in some areas and locally high tides, but overall no serious damage.
  • 12th: Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota had their first frost. TD 9 forms well out in the Atlantic and TS Humberto formed off the eastern coast of Texas, which had received up 3" of rain prior to it's forming.
  • 13th: Humberto quickly became a hurricane after midnight and came ashore in SE Texas near Louisiana with 85 mph winds and very heavy rain. Some areas in Louisiana received over 10" in 24 hours. TD 9 becomes TS Ingrid with 40 mph winds.
  • 15th: Strong shear weakens Ingrid back to a TD. Thunderstorms on the westside of the Rockies in Colorado caused mudslides and closed roads. Higher up snow fell.
  • 16th: Storms in SW Florida included a tornado that damaged hundreds of homes and knocked out power.
  • 17th: TD Ingrid dissapates east of the Leeward Islands.
  • 18th: Low Pressure just off the Florida coast combined with an upper level Low just to the west produced heavy rains in Florida. 2 to 4" were common. This system may slowly move across Florida into the Gulf and become tropical.
  • 20th: A tornado damaged at least 50 homes in Lake County, FL. Severe weather in Minnesota caused flash floods and power outages. An early snowfall in the Sierra Nevada closed roads with up to 5 inches of snow.
  • 21st: TD #16 came ashore in the Florida Panhandle with 1-5" of rain and winds gusting to 30 mph. Strong to severe storms in the upper Plains with heavy rain, wind and hail up to 3" diameter.
  • 23rd: TS Jerry forms well out in the Atlantic and is no threat to land.
  • 25th: TS Karen forms out in the Atlantic halfway between Africa and the Antilles. Strong storms in Minnesota with heavy rain and damaging winds that caused power outages.
  • 27th: TS Lorenzo just off the coast of Mexico becomes a hurricane and just before midnight comes ashore with 75 mph winds. A small area got 5-10 inches of rain. Strong storms in Maine downed trees, damaged homes and caused power outages.
  • 28th: TD# 14 forms off the African coast, but quickly dissipates.
  • 30th: Iowa hit with high winds, heavy rain and several tornadoes.

Burlington, VT

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