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Weatherfun Members....want to add something unique to your gadget collection????? Then check out what we have here!!! Weatherfun sends a big "Thank you" to Franklin Time & Weather, Weather and Mr. John Hennessey for providing all the attendees at the 2004 Weatherfun Reunion with these terrific Maine Weather Sticks!!!

The Maine Weatherstick has a history dating back to the Abenaki of the North Woods of North America. Natives of the North Woods noticed that certain tree branches would rise and fall to the current and upcoming weather. Someone decided to mount one of these branches as a weather predictor and the Maine Weatherstick was born. This is perhaps the first weather instrument ever made in North America. The Abenaki would use the Weatherstick as a gift for family and friends. This is no joke novelty. This really works! Mount the Weatherstick outside exposed to the weather and watch as it rises and falls to current and upcoming weather. Think like an Abenaki and share this unique gift with your family and friends.

All the members of the 2004 reunion, have these mounted at their weather stations, and we'll all attest that they really work !!!!

Franklin Time & Weather is has one of the biggest online stores for weather equipment and is by far one of the biggest Sellers of Fine Weather Instruments and Clocks.

Weather Mass is the new catalogue and Internet enterprise of Franklin Time & Weather. They maintain the tradition of customer service that has made Franklin Time & Weather a force in the world of Internet sales of consumer weather instruments. Their website is open and secure 24 hours a day. Their staff of trained professionals is available during normal business hours (9am to 5pm Monday through Friday). They stand by their sales, and have a 30 day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee for any purchase.

Again, a big "Thank you" to Franklin Time & Weather and Weather Mass for supporting Weatherfun !!

Take some time folks and check out their site....we think you're going to enjoy yourself !! If you need further assistance feel free to contact one of your moderators or John at Franklin Time & Weather/Weather Mass.

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