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The Contest will run from January 9, 2010 to February 7, 2010 and includes the Super Bowl. Each week you need to pick the winners of that weekend's games AND by how many points, then send me your entry. Each game that you pick the correct winner will be worth points, and the value of the games increases each week. If you pick a winner and have the correct number of points that the team wins by, you will receive Bonus Points. The person with the most points at the end of the contest is the winner of NFL Playoff Contest 2010, and wins $10.00. That's $10.00 of real US money.

  • Wild Card Playoff winning games are worth 5 points, plus 3 bonus points for the number of points they win by.
  • Divisional Playoff games are worth 8 points, plus 4 bonus points for the number of points they win by.
  • The Conference Championship games are worth 10 points, plus 5 bonus points for the number of points they win by.
  • The Super Bowl is worth 15 points, plus 6 bonus points for the number of points they win by.

I will send out an email to everyone at the beginning of each week to remind you to come to the site to see who is playing. A link is provided at the bottom of this page so that you can email me your entry. All entries must be sent BEFORE the first game of that weekend starts. Listed below is the schedule of games.


And may "The Force" be with you.

Wild Card Weekend

January 9th

  • New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals NBC 4:30 PM
  • Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys NBC 8:00 PM
January 10th
  • Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots FOX 1 PM CBS 1:00 PM
  • Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals FOX 4:30 PM
Divisional Playoffs

January 16th

  • Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints FOX 4:30 PM
  • Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts CBS 8:15 PM

January 17th

  • Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings FOX 1:00 PM
  • New York Jets at San Diego Chargers CBS 4:40 PM
Conference Championships

January 24th

  • New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts 3 PM CBS
  • Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints 6:30 PM FOX

February 7th

6:25 PM CBS

Indianapolis Colts VS New Orleans Saints

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