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Weatherfun is proud to once again thank all at Edmund Scientifics' for a being a sponsor of the Weatherfun 2007 Reunion. Edmund Scientifics' has been a big supporter of the WEATHERFUN community and the Weatherfun Reunions for years and we would like to extend our sincere "Thanks and Appreciation" to Edmund's Scientifics for their continued support!!
Edmund Scientifics provided catalogs and a wonderful $25.00 gift certificate to the 2007 Reunion committee.

Their catalog is filled with ideas and goodies that will spark the interest of everyone in your life.

Something for ALL ages!!

A Little about Edmunds's Scientifics'.....

During 1942, Norman W. Edmund, an amateur photographer, turned to an order-by-mail advertisement to find a specific lens he needed for his hobby. Difficulty in finding the lens prompted him to place his own ad offering specialty lenses in a photography magazine. The lenses sold out almost immediately and the Edmund Salvage Company was born.

Business boomed in the years following World War II. The company's inventory of surplus optics increased dramatically and specialty optical items were added. To advertise new items, Mr. Edmund mailed a monthly newsletter to his customers - the foundation for today's Edmund Scientifics' catalog.

In 1948, the company moved to Barrington, New Jersey. There it experienced continued success and growth becoming not just an optics company, but a company that offered science hobbyists and engineering enthusiasts around the world a wide range of exciting science products.

The coming of the space age saw an Edmund Scientific lens go to the moon as a critical component in the first color TV camera to record the Apollo landings. In response to customer inquiries for an affordable compact telescope, Edmund Scientific developed the Astroscan® Telescope, winner of the 1976 Industrial Design Award. In 2001 the Astroscan® celebrated its 25th anniversary! In 2001, Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories purchased Edmund Scientific. Science Kit, located in Tonawanda, New York, is a leading supplier of educational science products and the largest builder of science kits in the world.

Combined, Edmund Scientific and Science Kit have over a 100 years experience in the world of science - experience they will use to make sure that the high standards set by Scientifics in the past will continue long into the future.

Take time folks and stroll on over to their store! Guaranteed you'll find something to spark your interest!!