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Everyone seems to enjoy trying to forecast how many tornadoes, so let's do it again this month.

How many tornadoes will there be in May this year in the United States? The member who can correctly forecast the answer to that question, or be the closest, will be the winner and named

FOR MAY, 2013

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In addition, the winner will receive 30 points for the exact answer, 25 points for the closest, in the Standings, 2nd Place 20 Points 16 Points to the closest. If there is a tie for 1st Place, the ties will each receive the same number of points and there will be no 2nd Place points. If there is a tie for 2nd Place, the ties will each receive the same points. The winner will also be the holder for the month of the


Data will be taken from the NWS site
Storm Prediction Center

Good Luck

Deadline to submit your forecast is
April 29, 2013.

Submit your forecast by email to the WEATHERFUN mail list.