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Mt Washington in February can be cold

And the wind can really blow hard sometimes.

Their website very early each morning gives the stats for the past 24 hours.
You need to forecast the past 24 hour stats ending the early morning of February 28th.
The stats to forecast are as follows:
  • Maximum Temperature:
  • Minimum Temperature:
  • Peak Wind Gust:
  • Average Wind Speed:

    Each stat is worth 5 Points.
    If nobody has the exact answer for the stat, the closest will be worth 4 Points.
    The member with the highest total Points WINS.

    The winner will also be named

    Head Forecaster for

    FEBUARY, 2014

    Holder of WEATHERFUN's

    The winner will receive,
    (Click to Enlarge)

    and if there are quite a few players, more prizes will go to the winner.

    And your name will be entered into the


    Hall of Fame

    Data will be taken from the Mount Washington website forThat 24 hours

    The deadline to send in your forecast is
    February 25, 2014.

    You send in your forecast to WEATHERFUN by