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Weatherfun would like to extend our deep appreciation to all at

They provided the 2006 Weatherfun Reunion with some great coffee mugs and chocolates with which to enjoy while browsing their site!!

"Columbia Weather Systems manufactures a line of weather monitoring systems that includes Capricorn 2000 and, Capricorn 2000EX weather stations for fixed installations, Vehicle Mount stations for mobile applications, and Pegasus FlyAway Kit for rapid deployment portable applications."

From their website, below is a little information to help familiarize you with Columbia Weather. Take the time folks to venture through their site, you're guaranteed to find something on your wish list..or even better, items to add to your wish list!! Thanks again to Columbia Weather Systems!!!

"At Columbia Weather Systems we manufacture and distribute the Capricorn line of weather stations around the world to professionals in public safety, research, meteorology, aviation, and industry.
A small, privately held company, CWS offers customers flexibility and quick response in product development and packaging, as well as personal customer service.

CWS is a subsidiary of Hinds Instruments, Inc. who began manufacturing Capricorn weather stations in the early 1980s. The "Capricorn" was immediately popular and developed an early reputation for reliability.
To provide better focus and optimize resources, Hinds spun off the weather station division and formed a new company in 1998. Though a relatively small and young company, Columbia Weather enjoys solid backing from its long-established parent company.
A long-term investment in product development has been the key to anticipating changing customer needs and utilizing advancing technology.

Since its inception, CWS has been run by Nader Khoury who has a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and over 12 years of prior experience in manufacturing and production management with expertise in the area of test and measurement systems. His focus continues to be product development and engineering support. Sales Manager John Gerrish is a certified meteorologist with experience in both the private and public sectors. Prior to CWS, he worked as a forecaster in California. With degrees in both meteorology and aerospace management, he worked for over 10 years managing weather offices for the U.S. Air Force in California and Germany. In Europe he helped develop the combat weather communications system which brought weather data to American troops during Operation Desert Storm. That experience proved invaluable in the development of our Pegasus Fly-Away Kit portable weather system. Office Manager Debbie Taylor keeps everyone sane with her wry sense of humor. Many years of experience in customer service, purchasing and accounting help her keep the office running smoothly"

Company Address
Columbia Weather Systems, Inc.
2240 NE Griffin Oaks Street, Suite 100
Hillsboro, OR 97124
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