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Weatherfun would once AGAIN like to send our many thanks and appreciation to our friends at Component Design Northwest - The Time and Temperature Company!! CDN, who Weatherfun is proud to have as a sponsor of the 2006 Reunion, provided these wonderful prizes pictured below to the 2006 Reunion committee. Our members were thrilled at with these great prizes!!

CDNW's high precision products are known throughout the weather industry and others as well! A family run business founded in 1984, they offer a complete line of thermometers. They have many new products in the test lab now, so be sure and check back to their site often to see the latest!! They are known for quality and innovation! From the Weatherfun Family to the CDNW Family......THANK YOU again, for supporting us!!!
Let's do the same can visit their great products at CDNW!!
The winners of these great prizes will tell you...they're Grrrrrreat!!!

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