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Ladies and Gentlemen, the folks at AccuWeather and AccuMall stepped up again this year to help make the 2006 reunion a great success!!

AccuWeather and AccuMall donated their signature "Coffee Mugs" and "Tornados In A Bottle". Great prizes to the contest winners at the 2006 Reunion! They also supplied everyone with catalogs! Thank you AccuWeather and AccuMall!

AccuWeather's AccuMall is your premiere destination for Weather Instruments and Home and Outdoor Products of all types including a wide selection of Weather Radios, Wind Meters, Thermometers, Barometers, Barographs, Rain Gauges, Lightning Detectors, Hygrometers, Sundials, Binoculars, Clocks and Outdoor Accents.
AccuMall offers Weather Instruments and unique gifts for the serious and casual weather enthusiast.

Take some time and check out their site....a great selection...great prices...excellent service!!, "The World's Weather Authority", offers extensive weather information, updated more frequently to keep you right on top of what is happening with the weather in your area, as well as around the world. Everything from tracking the weather in your neighborhood to tracking hurricanes, their mission is to expand its position as the world's premiere provider of weather forecasts, data, graphics and related information through the provision of the highest quality products to their clients. Their staff of talented and dedicated individuals use of the latest technology and proprietary techniques help them to serve their clients with zeal, enthusiasm and personalized attention. They stress innovation in product development, continuously searching for better and more efficient ways to do things. They are constantly striving to make things better for their users, whether you're a back yard weather enthusiast, a business ,  government, or educational institution.

Weatherfun would like to again say a big "Thank You" to AccuWeather and AccuMall!!

Check out their sites everyone....and don't forget...have a birthday?..,..Christmas?...!!!!
Make a list...or supply their links to your friends and loved ones !!  Easy shopping for them....and a gift you're going to love!! Or how about something for a friend?? Guaranteed you'll find it at AccuMall, and stay on top of the weather at AccuWeather!!

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