Calculus is not the study of getting the answer. It is the study of how exactly
    did you arrive at the answer that you got. When looking at Calculus it can be
    compared to all the other mathematics simply by calling the others Static and
    Calculus Dynamic. Caculus is all about the process rather than the answer.
    This method, in many opinions, evokes more thought that the other math
    courses and is why it is, to some, such a difficult thing.

    By using specific formulas and equations, Calculus can become very easy.
    Some may even say that if you get what's going on, it's fun. It allows you to
    really think about what you're doing and what the equation really means.
    You no longer just memorize the simple set of brackets and signs, but you
    memorize what they mean and why you're applying them. Caculus, in short,
    is the foundation of all mathematics and plays an integral part in sciences as well.

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