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> On September 11, 2001, our vision of peace and security was torn from the fabric of how we go about our everyday lives. To remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in this terrible tragedy, we are showing our love and support by producing a remembrance in the form of a quilt - truly an American tradition. We hope that as the families and friends of those lost view the quilt, that they will find solice. And we also hope that those who helped in this project also found it emotionally beneficial.

ABOUT THE QUILT This pictorial quilt of the World Trade Centers in the New York City skyline is a montage of over 3100 blocks. It has become an international effort, with quilters from all 50 states and 4 other countries contributing pieces. Each piece is a 3-inch square block bearing the name of one of those who perished in the disaster. Assembled in a watercolor pattern, the blocks recreate the beautiful New York City skyline as it was before the attacks. The four skyline panels are flanked on the left by a panel with names of those lost on the four flights and on the right by those at the Pentagon.

The quilt is composed of six individual panels hung side-by-side for easy display, measuring 8 feet high by 30 feet long in total. A grid system incorporated into the panels allows every name to be located by the viewers. A book will accompany the quilt to provide the grid location of each victim's name, the name of the quilter, and the names of individuals and companies that have been so generous in donating their time, effort, and materials to help this quilt become a reality.

The photo-montage above shows the quilt tops, which were photographed in May at an informal showing.

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ABOUT THE QUILT-MAKERS The Steel Quilters group is a small quilt club within a steel company - United States Steel Corp. We were looking for a way to honor the memory of a co-worker's son who perished in one of the WTC towers. The project expanded to become the National Tribute Quilt to include all those who lost their lives that day. We created this webpage and contacted quilting groups around the country to request blocks for the quilt. The response has been heartfelt and wonderful. Contributors from all 50 states as well as Spain, Canada, Australia and Denmark sent in their blocks. Some blocks are quilted, some embroidered or lettered by hand or machine, and some even computer-printed on fabric. The variety of colors and designs is truly beautiful to see.

The Steel Quilters are based near Pittsburgh, PA. With the help of volunteers from local quilt clubs and individuals from as close as within the USS building and as far away as Michigan, the blocks were logged in, assembled into panels, and stitched together. Soon the panels will be machine-quilted and bound and ready for display.

DISCLAIMER All blocks received become the property of the Steel Quilters who reserve the right to modify blocks or replace as necessary, to withhold any blocks that are politically incorrect or offensive from inclusion into the quilt, and to determine the position of each block in the quilt. Every effort was made to use all blocks received. However, the lists of names have been modified many times since this project was initiated September 13th, 2001. Because of this, if an honoree's name was taken off the lists, his/her block was removed from the quilt. Similarly, the spelling and completeness of names have changed over time. We have modified the blocks to match the current listing, when it was possible to do so without altering the symmetry or design of a block.

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