Geeman's Headquarters


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety will eventually lose both."
- Benjamin Franklin

"Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God"
--The Motto of Thomas Jefferson

This site deals with government abuses, infringements on our Civil Rights, political activism, suppressed news, suppressed technology and alternative energy sources, the truth about what our government and industries do, information and opinions about the War on Terror and
foriegn policy and other things that probably got my name put on Uncle Sam's "trouble makers" list a long time ago...

Below is just a bunch of stuff to get the search engines to recognize my site and link to it.
I would have made the text the same color as the background so you won't have to look at it, but that constitutes "hidden text."

WTC, The World Trade Center bombings, political, politics political plots, foreign policy George Bush Tom Ridge
Osama bin Laden alternative views, oil companies, alternative energy, Office of Homeland Security
government plots, Fascism, cover-ups, the truth, we have been deceived
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Saudi Arabia, fuel cell car, Townsend Brown
brainwashing, war fever, Global hawk
Our government did it
Global Warming
Larsen B Ice Shelf
Carlyle Group
Corporate greed
government corruption
WTC fraud, MPEG
Our government is lying
War on Terror fraud
Propaganda hoax
terrorist threats
Israel, WTC videos
7WTC, video
WTC demolition
Van Romero, Osama video
remote controlled airplanes, FDR
Apollo Moon Landing hoax, dirty politics
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