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18 oz Apothecary Housewarmer Jar Candle
Double Wicked for an even burn
Burn time is approximately 150 hours plus
Comes with a black metal lid with a handle.

Spotted hog Candles are 1/2 the price of Yankee and THREE times stronger !
You just can't go wrong : )

The Spotted Hog Candles are the most even burning and highly scented Candles available.
The burning characteristics are truly remarkable.
The Spotted Hog Candles are not only hand crafted better,
but they are guaranteed never to tunnel
or canyon like other candles.
One Candle fills your entire home with fragrance,
not just one room.
We use only the finest wax and fragrance oils in our candles.
You WILL notice the Difference!

Please look at my feedback to see what others are saying about SPOTTED HOG CANDLES : )

Shipping Information
Buyer will pay exact shipping cost.
I can fit up to 2 candles in a flat rate box
( $7.70 anywhere in the US)
I do combine shipping with ebay auctions and purchases from
So if you would like to purchase additional candles please let me know so I can give you the correct shipping total.
Never EVER a handling charge. Never any postage profiteering here !!
*~*~*All international packages are marked as gift on the customs form : )

Payment Information
Paypal is the preferred method of payment , I also accept Money orders , as well as a personal check ( I hold shipments for 7-10 days for a check to clear) You are welcome to call your order in over the phone with a credit card. *Please note that your shipping address MUST be the same as where your credit card statement is mailed to you. There will be no acceptions to this rule

Contact Us
Please email me with any questions.
Buyers please don't forget to email me with your fragrance selections. Please include your name, the number of candles you purchased, which fragrances you want and include your ebay name so I know who you are. There are over 100 fragrances available that are listed to the right--->

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We rate the fragrances according to
strength, intensity and fragrance throw:

* = Very light, hardly any fragrance
** = Light and subtle
*** = Good throw. Fragrance is strong but not overpowering and maybe will fill the first floor of the house.
**** = Wow that smells awesome! Great Fragrance throw, Fills the entire house with an incredible aroma.

**** Apple Blossom
**** Apple Cinnamon
**** Apple Pie
**** Apricot Smoothie
**** Banana Nut Bread
**** Bayberry
**** Baybreeze
**** Birthday Cake
**** Biscotti
*** Black Cherry
**** Blackberry Pie
**** Blueberry Patch
**** Blueberry Cobbler
**** Blueberry Flapjacks
**** Butter Pecan Pie
*** Buttercream
**** Butter Mint Cream
**** Butterscotch
*** Cantaloupe
**** Cappuccino Ice Cream
*** Caramel
**** Caramel Apple
**** Carrot Cake
**** Christmas Cabernet
**** Christmas Tree
*** Cinnamon Banana Twist
**** Cinnamon & Clove
*** Cinnamon Bun
**** Cinnamon Toast
*** Cinnamon Vanilla
**** Citrus Breeze
**** Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
**** Chocolate Dream
**** Clove ~ NEW
**** Coconut Bay
**** Cotton Blossom
**** Cotton Candy
**** Cranberry
**** Cream Cheese Frosting
**** Cucumber Melon
**** Dickens Christmas
**** Dreamsickle
**** Egg Nog
*** Eucalyptus
**** Festival of Lights
**** Freesia
*** French Vanilla
**** Fresh Cut Roses
**** Gardenia Lily
**** Ginger Bread
**** Ginger Fig
**** Granny's Pie Crust
**** Grandma's Kitchen
*** Grape
**** Green Tea
**** Hawaiian Breeze
*** Harvest
**** Honeydew Melon
**** Hot Butter Rum
**** Iris and Fern
**** Key Lime Pie
**** Lavender
**** Lavender Vanilla
**** Lemon Cream
**** Lemon Drop
**** Lemon Meringue Pie
**** Lilac
**** Macintosh Apple
**** Margarita Slush
**** Mango Papaya
**** Maple Butter
*** Maple Sugar
**** Mindrest
**** Mistletoe
**** Melonade
**** Mixed Berry Crumble
**** Mulberry
**** Mulled Apple Cider
**** Nutcracker
**** Oatmeal Milk and Honey
**** Orange Chiffon Cake
**** Orange Cream
**** Orange Cranberry
**** Orange Jolly Rancher
**** Orange Sherbet
**** Patchouli
**** Peanut Butter Bliss
**** Pearberry
**** Pear Glace
** Peppermint
**** Piggly Wiggly
**** Plumeria
**** Pomegranate
**** Pumpkin Pie Spice
**** Raspberry Sorbet
*** Raspberry Vanilla Swirl
**** Red Hot Cinnamon
**** Rosemary and Sage
**** Sage and Citrus
**** Spa
**** Spice Cake
**** Spiced Pear
**** State Fair Lemonade
**** Strawberry Cheese Cake
**** Strawberries and Cream
*** Sugar Plum Spice
**** Sugar Cookie
*** Toasted Marshmallow
*** Vanilla Smoothie
**** Warm Vanilla Sugar
**** Watermelon
**** Wedding Cake
*** White Zinfandel

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