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Welcome to the Spotted Hog Candle Co.®
Online Newsletter Bulletin Board!
Thank you to each and every one of you that sent us emails over this grueling COVID pandemic. They really kept us motivated and hopeful that one day we'd be able to get back to what we love.

Finally we are able to open with a very limited supply. For the time being we are only shipping WAX MELTS as we're still having major supply chain issues. I have no idea when we will produce jars again and soy is gone as well.

The scent menu has changed and every scent on there is in limited supply for now, but if everything goes as it should.... we should have more coming in. Keep in mind we've heard this before 700 days ago but things are looking more hopeful.

I personally want to apologize for the price increases. I kept everything as low as I could without sacrificing quality. We were hit with so many price increases and nonsense surcharges we almost shut the doors for good. Some of our ingredients more than doubled in cost. If in the future things level out and vendors and shipping companies stop price gouging, we'll address those prices again to make this right.

Thank all of you for your support over these years!
We are so appreciative to have you as our customers!

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