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~ FAQ's and Answers ~

Q. What are the shipping costs ?

A. You may order as much as you like for flat rate as low as $10.85* to anywhere in the continental USA. Restrictions apply, please see our new shipping tier.

New Low Flat Rate Shipping Prices: Updated 5/03/2019~ Even lower flat rate shipping. As a courtesy to our customers we've lowered our shipping charges and expanded the tier subtotals so you pay less freight for more product. Please note that the prices below are significantly discounted compared to what we actually pay the shipping carriers. Glass jars are heavy and are very expensive to ship across the country.

$0.01 - $120.00 = $10.85
$120.01 - $175.00 = $15.85
$175.01 - $250.00 = $19.85
$250.01 -$350.00 = $24.85
$350.01 and up = $40.00
Signature is required on purchases over $250.00
(*Continental US only.Does not apply to international or wholesale orders)
International and wholesale shipments will pay exact shipping charges. If you are outside of the continental US and would like to place an order please email us, we will send you a Pay Pal invoice for the additional shipping.Your order will not ship until the shipping charges are paid.

Q. Will I get a separate receipt from Spotted Hog emailed to me or some other acknowledgment that you received my order?

A. No, the only receipt you will receive is issued through paypal which is our shopping cart host. Paypal will email an itemized receipt to the email address you provided at checkout.

Q. When can I expect to receive my order?

A. All products are handmade to order, due to high order volume our turn around or "processing" time is 10-14 business days not including weekend or holidays.

Q. How will I know my order shipped?

A. Once your order is complete we will send a shipment notification with a tracking number.

Q. I don't have a paypal account, can I pay with a credit card?

A. You do not need a paypal account to place an order. We accept all methods of payments. At checkout there is an option to pay with the credit card of your choice. If you have trouble locating this option, you can find it to the left of the screen where the cart asks for paypal login information at check out.

Q. What is the difference between Soy and Paraffin?

A. It's a personal preference which wax you like best.Over the years there has been a huge boom in the candle market with soy wax products, but when it comes down to it, it's a candle, simply a vessel to fill your home with fragrance. Some fragrances smell better to some individuals in soy and some feel soy is more Eco friendly being "natural", a sustainable resource and grown in the US. The choice is yours and yours alone, we make both types of candles to suite all customers needs based on their wax preferences. Any scent that we feel performs better in soy we make a notation on the scent descriptions page next to the scent.

Q. Can you special order a custom blend a fragrance for me?

A. Absolutely, just ask and we will do our best to accommodate you : )
Special Order Fragrances : Any limited addition or clearance scent that is offered in our special sampler packages can now be ordered in any handmade product we make with a $40.00 minimum product total of that fragrance. Mix and match any of our products such as candles, tarts, or votives. (Must be sold in quantities as the products listed on our website. Such as clamshells, 4 pack of 2oz tart cups,1 lb of tart brittle, 12 tarts, 12 votives, 1- 18oz apothecary jar candle etc.) As long as the total reaches $40.00 before shipping we will special order the fragrance in for you. Simply contact us for your special request scent and choose the products you would like to have made in that fragrance.Use the drop down menus and select **SPECIAL ORDER FRAGRANCE** to add your items to your cart.Please allow an additional week for delivery.

Q. Is there a phone number you can be reached and can I place my order by phone?

A. We no longer accept payments by phone as the website is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are strictly an internet based business and do not maintain phone hours. The best way to contact us is via email. If you need to speak to someone in person please feel free email us and request a return phone call.

Color Chart

Butter Yellow
Caramel Brown
Cranberry Red
Rose Pink
Cotton Candy Pink
Sky Blue
Country Blue
Tangerine Orange
Lemon Yellow
Sage Green
* Colors and color batches may vary

Soy Color Chart

Lemon Chiffon
Powder Blue
Papaya Whip

Q. What does triple scented mean?

A. Triple scenting is using 3 times more fragrance in a candle than is typically used by others.

Q. In other jar candles the wax is hard, why is this wax soft and creamy?

A. Our wax is a mixture of vegetable and paraffin wax; we created this cream blend to produce a wax that would allow a more strongly scented finished candle. With our candle wax, the fragrance molecules bind to the wax much better than the hard waxes and are easily released during burning making a very fragrant candle. Another benefit of our wax is it produces a much longer burning candle and because of its soft consistency, when you reach the very bottom of the candle the last ½ inch, you can actually scoop the wax out with a spoon and use that small remainder in your tart burner. You really get to use every last drop!

Q. How come when I take the lid off my candle it does not smell as strong as what I anticipated, but when I burn the candle it smells really strong?

A. This is actually a good thing .Our candles do not sit on shelves for months before you purchase them. We hand pour your candles when you place an order, our candles are packaged a few hours after the candle finished and is sent right out to you. Most of the time you are receiving a candle from us that is only a few days old. This hardly enough time for the scent to accumulate under the lid compared a candle that has been sitting on a shelve for 3 or more months. At The Spotted Hog Candle we thoroughly mix our fragrances within the wax .This assures that the fragrance is captured within the very structure of the candle and releases the fragrance while burning the candle when the wax liquefies.

Q. Why is there a thin metal wire in the center of the wick?

A. Here at the Spotted Hog Candle Co. we use either EPA approved zinc Cored wicks or Cotton wicks in our candles. We DO NOT under any circumstances use lead wicks in any candle that we make. The metal wire in the center of the wick is Zinc; we use The Zinc in the center of the wick because it solves quite a few common problems First, it helps the wick to remain standing straight and centered while the candle is lit, preventing an uneven or crooked burn. Second, it prevents the wick from falling over and drowning in the melted pool of wax .This way you are ensured that you will not be left with a candle that you can not relight. Last but not least, how many of us have accidentally broken the wick off too short while trying to light a candle? The zinc in the center will not break too short ,you can trim your wick to the precise length with out the risk of breaking too much off .We recommend that you trim the wicks before you light it with scissors ,wick trimmers or nail clippers will work too.

Q .Why do candles from other company’s burn right down the middle rather then all the way across the top and even like yours do?

A. It’s really hard to say, Sometimes it’s a poorly made candle, Sometimes its not proper candle care or burning i.e., blowing the candle out before it’s melted to the edge. When burning a candle you should always let it burn all the way out to the edge. This will allow the pool of wax to extend to the outside and will prevent your candle from forming a "canyon" in the center. Burning a candle this way will also set its memory. Each time you burn the candle it will "remember" to burn to its edge.

Q. Why after a couple of hours of burning do certain candles seem to lose their fragrance?

A. Most likely only the top surface of the candle was scented! At The Spotted Hog Candle Co. the entire wax batch is blended with our highly concentrated fragrance oils and color. This assures even and constant fragrance discharge throughout the life of the candle.

Q.How do I get the tart out of the little cup?

A.Our little soufflé cups that we package our tarts in are very convenient and super easy to use. Most of the time our tarts will just pop out of the cup, however sometimes they can be a little fussy and not want to come out. This can happen from time to time with any manufactures tart cup. Not to worry we thought ahead! Our special soufflé cups are made from a thinner plastic that allows you to easily snip the edge of the cup with scissors and peel away the plastic. Viola, tart is out and ready to melt. Just peel and pop it into your tart melter. No wrestling, no freezer tricks no headache. Our cups are also 100% recyclable. If you do recycle in your area be sure to toss the discarded cup with your plastics on trash day. : ) Happy melting!