*Nudity in the play*

The Dying God:
A Vampire's Tale
A New Dramatic Play
@The Common Basis Theatre
750 8th Avenue (corner of 46th st.) NEW YORK CITY 10036
LIMITED RUN. Starting October 2004
Play dates: 10/7,10/8, 10/9, 10/10*, 10/14, 10/15, 10/16, 10/17*
10/21, 10/22, 10/23, 10/24*, 10/28, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31*
*2pm Sunday Matinees only
Tickets: $20.00 ($17.50 for students and seniors)
call (212) 868-4444 or SmarTix@SmarTix.com for tickets
Produced by Pharos Productions Inc.
Written and Directed by Gerard Denza

If you thought you knew everything about vampires it's because you haven't met Damien. He's a vampire who makes Dracula look like an altar boy. And he's a killer who can't be killed.

The Dying God: A Vampire's Tale is the story of a young man who has turned himself into a monster of the night. He has a soul, but very little humanity. He kills with no remorse...save for one victim...his first. He is exceedingly handsome, brooding, and a hunk...

...and this vampire doesnt sleep in a coffin.

Brian Townes.......Damien
Marie Lazzaro.....Antonia
Sharla Meese.....Antonia
Catherine Crawford.....Colette
Jamie Oberlee.....Bayla Ortiz
Michael Vitiello.....Samuel
Phil Strumolo.....Cornfield
Meredith Napolitano.....Deanna

If you missed the play you can own the book The Dying God: A Vampire's Tale($11.50) by simply logging onto: www.AuthorHouse.com or call 800-839-8640

"The Dying God: A Vampire's Tale should run forever...a great cast. The playwright has a gift for words." - Joe Franklin WOR-AM Radio October 24, 2004

"If you found yourself jumping on the Internet looking for news after your DaVinci Code read, you will probably enjoy the new play by writer & director Gerard Denza which brings a modern & original spin to the very popular vampire concept. Pretty dramatic and intellectual stuff here. I thoroughly enjoyed The Dying God: A Vampire's Tale...it was fresh, made me think, at times I even found myself wondering if this was real and the cast was going to induct me into this cult..." - RETYPER Internet Newspaper October 22, 2004

"I enjoyed The Dying God: A Vampire's Tale...it was different, and I like different things. The cast moved across the stage with ease and graciousness...it was very nice to watch." - Asif Murad, Executive Producer The Vampyre Lounge October 29, 2004


The Dying God: A Vampire's Tale is about seven unusual people whose paths cross through the guided manipulation of one woman...and whose lives are forever altered by the experience. In the midst of them is Damien, the play's anti-hero, a man who has distanced himself from the world and from the people inhabiting his immediate sphere. He has transformed himself into a vampire by means of ritual magic.

The play is a dramatic -- and tragic -- presentation of an intellect which has misguided itself into hell with little chance of redemption. Damien has no religion and his precarious belief in God has been shattered. His struggle is not that of a man in search of help, but of a man struggling with the last few remnants of his humanity. This struggle brings about the destruction of his mortality -- the very mortality that had given purpose to his existence.

His girlfriend, Antonia, is deeply in love with him -- an unrequited love. She wants him desperately and is willing to hurt him in the name of this love. It is her ultimate undoing. Colette, Antonia's friend, and also a practitioner of the black arts, is an opportunist who has used Damien and is using Antonia, as well, toward her own ends. She discards people easily, but not vindictively. Damien hates her for this -- and for the ease with which she moves through life -- and vows that she will be the first victim. He is mistaken for it is Samuel, the Jew boy, who is his first victim...and a victim whom he loves. And, it is with the murder of Samuel that Damien acquires a conscience...to his everlasting grief.

The Dying God: Chronicle of a Vampire is, if effect almost two separate plays that combine to form one path toward its ultimate conclusion of murder and betrayal. It is in the second half of the play that the enigmatic character of Bayla Ortiz is further developed. Cornfield is introduced -- a man who is the embodiment of cold and calculating cruelty, but with a tragic flaw -- a flaw that involves a lost love of many lifetimes ago with the young woman, Deanna.

My play embodies the concepts of immortality and re-incarnation -- and how neither one may be very desirable -- and how either one can be used as a weapon of destruction.

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