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Welcome To The Pyro's Damn Home Page....
More Than Just Your Average Homepage!

What's Up ! ! !
Hey people. This is where you can find the profiles for my rpg chatting characters, as well as music downloads, and other shit. If You'd like to add somethings to my site such as winamp skins or something, just E-Mail me here. So check it out, and leave a comment in my guest book. c-yaz later....!
9/11 Memorial
Check Out This Quiz Thing!

New Skins Added
New Skins Added; Mp3+Midi Song Packs Available; Mp3 Dowloads Available
New Skin Added
New Skins Added ("Alien" and "Alien Queen"); Banner Placed On
New Winamp Skin Download Page
9/11 Memorial Page Up And Running...
"Killa Bees" Poem Placed Up...
New Skin Added ("FF9Scene-Bahamut+Alexander"
Chat Room Repairs Underway...
New Gifs Added; BackGround Music Added

Soon To Come....
No Clue What's Coming Next...If Anyone Has Any Ideas, E-mail Me...