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grand jete

    Dance is a religion, dance is an art, dance is a

passion, dance is a life.

      "Great dancers are not great because of their

technique...they are great because of their passion"-

said by Martha Graham.

          If you can move like a dancer then it is no

    challenge to be free.

                   who says we need wings to fly?

a ballet dancers goal is perfection the question is how high we have to go to reach it



               This site has been primarily set up for teenage

girls in the prime of their ballet studies or for those who

are just beginning and would like to know more about


        Many girls began to e-mail us asking questions about

if we had suggestions for their particular situation and

most of the time we could help them out so we chose to

create the "QUESTION and ANSWER" section of this

site hoping that more people would e-mail us with their

questions and we could post them (without names of

course) along with our answers. We hope you will write

to use soon.


Dance poetry contest

     There are no words that can express what it feels

like to be flying above the world or spinning with the

music, there are no words to describe what it feels like to

dance but we are asking you to try. Please write a poem

about dance (any type) and submit it to us (no attached

documents, put it write in the e-mail). The poems will be

judged and then there will be made a first, second, and

third place winner. Third place will have their poem posted,

second place will have their poem posted here and in three

other major dance sites, and first place will have all of the

above plus their poem will be submitted to 20 poetry

companies all which award huge money prized to their

winners so you have a chance to make some good

money. Good luck.





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