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"Thank you all for remembering Gregory... Please take a moment to sign Greg's Memorial book and Petition" ..

Last Call for FF Gregory Sikorsky

About the funeral

Greg Sikorsky's Lastcall 9-11-2001.

Greg we shall remember you.
I don't know you by person, but I heard a lot about you.
You were a great man.
You are Loved by your family,
Loved by your brothers from Hillcrest FD
Loved by Engine 46
And Loved by Dominic your Dalmatian mascot

Thanks to Kenneth Sikorsky; Greg's brother.

Please sign the
Greg Sikorsky Memorial Blvd petition

Name:Gregory Sikorsky


Residence:Spring Valley, NY, United States

Occupation: Firefighter, New York Fire Department
Engine Co. 46 assigned to Squad 41 Rescue Co.

Location: World Trade Center
Tower II 43rd floor

Status: Gregory is found on March 21 2002

Funeral:June 7, 2002
Spring Valley, NY, United States

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