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THE Community Clearing House for creative HOMEMADE FITNESS EQUIPMENT and other such twisted conditioning ideas.

We Welcome ideas! Have you built a really nifty exercise device or have a conceptual design? Don't keep it to yourself! Share it with the rest of the world! Let us showcase it for you. Log onto our forum from the bottom of any of our pages, The Forum

We are continuously updating this site with new ideas, so check back often.

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An Important Word About Weight Plates

A lot of home built equipment uses 3/4" pipes for weight stacks. The diameters of holes in the centers of weight plates differ. Make sure that a 3/4" pipe slides easily through a weight plate before stacking it. If not, ream the hole out a bit with a rattail metal file until a 3/4" pipe does slide through it. You don't want to place a 50 lb. plate over the weight stack of a machine you've just built only to have it jam on the threads at the top of the pipe.

updated 03-18-11

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