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Here are links to the best websites that can provide materials and hardware for the home fitness builder. Do YOU know of any other websites that should be included here? Please let us know by logging onto our forum, gruntbrain;s grotto, and posting a message.

Lowy: Webbing and related hardware

The Strapworks: Webbing and related hardware

McMaster-Carr: Elastic tubing as well as 10,000 other items

Harvel : PVC and plastic tubing, size charts

Fitness-Equipment: Parts for home gyms

This to That: A gluing guide

American Science & Surplus: Lotsa gizmos at cheap prices

On Line Metals: Bending stock, making your own bars, or any other small metal stock orders

Smooth-On: All kinds of plastic resins and liquid rubber

Thomasnet: This is the on-line Thomas Register providing links to manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada. You can find everything under the sun here!

Modular Pipe & Rail Fittings : Fittings that can put steel pipes together the way elbows, tees, etc. can't!

Measurments Conversion Calculator : This outstanding on line calculator converts anything to anything.

Knots: Knowing which knots to use for various functions is a useful tool for the home fitness builder. The slip knot, in particular, is a stalwart knot for a lot of uses. Good web sites describing knots are too many to list. Just do a search for "knots".

Mountaineering or Outdoor Retailers in your area are great sources for quality webbing, rope, and related hardware


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