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Here are The New Pictures From 2005. Hope You enjoy. I will be expecting e Mails from you all. Also Sign My Guest Book with your Coments.
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tottaly awesome!! but why don't u work on your toenails?
sina | | June 21, 2005

your nails are just wonderful, would love to see them in person. Georges M.D.
georges | | June 24, 2005

I love your nails! Fantastic!!!!!!!
vic | | July 10, 2005

Your nails are amazing, and really beautiful!! Keep up the "growing". Keep us posted asto what's happening as well!!!

Regards from the Southern Tip of Africa
stanton | | August 13, 2005

amazing nuff said.
renique | February 20, 2006

totally amazing ,thats better lol but still not enough to accurately describe those gems....... keep growing girl.
renique | February 20, 2006

Hey Shelley:

Very Fantastic nails. I wish meet you in person to watch those nails
jorge | | April 16, 2006