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Captive Bred Schneider's Skinks

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I am not a DVM. If you have any health concerns regarding your animal, it is your responsibility to take them to a liscenced vet.
I may be able to provide possibilities as to a health problem, but again it is your responsibility to get the animal checked by a liscenced vet.



UPDATE - Unfortunately my female (mother) skink passed away on 9/5/09 from old age at about 14 years old. The male (father) has now also passed away on 6/14/2013 from old age at about 17 years old.
NEW - Out of visitor request, I have now installed a Blog onto this site, as well as a Schneider's skink Forum.
I have also added my raw data and notes to the bottom of the "Breeding" page and also created a Facebook page for this website.
NEW as of 2/28/11 - I have now created a Twitter Page for this website.
Please let me know if there are any problems. Enjoy!

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The purpose of this site is for education. I hope to provide people with knowledge about
Schneider's skinks so that they can properly care for and breed this species themselves.
The second point is to provide information to be used for comparative analysis.
This information and data had been originally collected for my own self interest and possible future use.
I later decided that this is apparently valuable knowledge due to the lack of information on this specific species of skink.
I felt it should be shared with others in hopes that people will follow suit and help prevent
the removal of this species from the wild by captive breeding this species instead.
Although it would make a small difference in the conservation of our planet's wildlife,
captive breeding programs in regards to the pet trade does make a difference.

"it is also vandalism wantonly to destroy or to permit the destruction of what is beautiful in nature,
whether it be a cliff, a forest, or a species of mammal or bird (or amphibian and reptile too).
Here in the United States (and the rest of the world) we turn our rivers and streams into sewers and
dumping-grounds, we pollute the air, we destroy forests, and exterminate fishes,
birds and mammals (amphibians and reptiles too!) -- not to speak of vulgarizing
charming landscapes with hideous advertisements. But at last it looks as if our people are awakening."

– Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States of America

I personally do not sell any animals. However, if you are interested in purchasing a captive bred Schneider's (Berber) skink, then please visit the Links page.
In addition to the places on the Links page, for residents of the United States; Petco, Petland, and Petsmart all sell captive bred Schneider's skinks.
In order to buy one from one of these companies, you would most likely have to visit your local store and ask them to special order you a Schneider's skink.
I say this because I know these stores sell skinks due to the fact they provide care sheets for them, but I have yet to see any in the actual stores.
The only exception being Petland where I have seen them in stores.

Donations and volunteering for animal rescue organizations are both great ways to help save the lives of animals both wild and domestic.
In addition to aiding animals, donations are often tax deductable (United States).
IMPORTANT - If you do donate money, ask the organization to send you a receipt for the amount donated; you will need this for the tax deduction.
If you are interested in donating or volunteering, and I strongly encourage you to do so, please visit the Links page.

1) Discovery Channel
2) Employees of Scales and Tails Pet Shop (New York)
5) SUNY Cobleskill Wildlife Department

Feel free to e-mail or IM me.
If you do e-mail me, please provide the words "Schneider's skinks"
in the subject line so that I do not delete it thinking it's junk mail.
With Instant Messenger, please state your concern, your e-mail address, and your first name
so that I can get back to you if not there. Thank you.

Yahoo Screen Name: SchneiderSkinks
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Screen Name: SchneiderSkinks

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Tim Simmons

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