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"A picture is worth a thousand words!!!!"       "A picture is worth a thousand words!!!!"      "A picture is worth a thousand words!!!!"




A week after the  South-African Day Celebration in NY, folks were invited to Bonganis place for a SA Party. Bongani (far left in first pic) was more than just a wonderful host. There were great traditional & modern foods, prepared by his skilled hands, and adding to the cultural experience of South African. Patrons also brought traditional dished to be enjoyed with the A Grade selection of superb wines and beverages...coming from as far as India and South-West Africa. Bongani had visitors from  Texas, North-Carolina and other regions in the US. The party was not exclusive to South-African alone, but our fellow American friends who have opened their heart to our presence. Bongani's Party was the place where newcomers experienced the warmth, vibrancy and sounds of South-African hospitality.

You did a Great job Bongani and did us all proud...the success of the evening was more than we expected.

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Saturday, May 22nd was Thandeka's birthday celebration, hosted at Sduduzo's home in Harlem. Although the event was a sudden announcement, close friends from South Africa and in New York attended at short notice to celebrate this day with her. The night echoed with the sounds of Kwaito and American R & B. When the bodies got tired, patrons looked to the refreshments, cold and ready to quench the thirst of the jubilant party goers. Do not be alarmed when you see a knife in the hands of announcers or those making a speech *smile* there was no microphone. A special thanks to our dearest friend and special guest Selaelo Selota for attending the party.

All in YeboLand would like to wish Thandeka more beautiful things for time to come, the richest blessings and many happy returns.

"Thank you once again to Sduduzo for opening his home and heart for this event."

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