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Name: Shawn
From: Rochester, N.Y. (charlotte)
aim: WxXsHaWnXxW
e-mail: shawnhpi@aol.com
Friends: None. I just don't trust people.
Sports: Skateboarding (not that i know how)
Favorite type of music: Aternative (rock, punk, skater, underground hiphop)
Top 3 bands: Blink 182, Box Car Racer, New Found Glory
Top 3 Rap Artists: Eminem (not cuz he white), Hush (cuz he's white), Paradime (cuz he a drunk), Can't forget PAC and BIGGIE
Top 3 UnderGround Rap Groups: Binary Star, Loop Troop ( I think of them as underground), K-Otix, then: NINE, JOJO Peligrino, Killarmy, B.E.N.E.F.I.T, Damn so many..
Top 3 Commercial Rap Groups: KillArmy (are they dead?), Wu-Tang (dead to?), D12

Fav. Movies:
Empire Records
Super Troopers
Mall Rats
Old School
Club Dread
Jersey Girl
Without A Paddele
Naploian Dynamite
Shaun Of The Dead

Computer used: Dell Inspiron|8500 (I need a new PC)
Vehicles: 95 Civic DX, 02 Honda CBR600 f4i
Cell Phone: Sprint - Sanyo 8100
Number: 585-615-7074
Hobbies: R/C (Im back in it), Cars, bikes, xbox skateboarding, paintball
Occupation: Selling FULL size video Arcade games and Pinballs, and something else that makes me some extra cash

I like to play XBOX LIVE. You can find me in the following games -Rainbow Six 3 (check below for some video) & Splinter Cell PT. I go by the name " who fotted " Every one gets a laugh out of that. So look out for me on there. I am usualy "tea baggin" people in Rainbow Six 3.

XBOX- 1 cont. mic, and gun
Unreal Tourney
House Of The Dead III
MidTown Madness 3
Crimson Skies
Tony hawk's UnderGround
Project Gothem Racing 2
Need For Speed UnderGround
Rainbow Six 3
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
Red Dead Revolver
RainBow Six 3 Black Arrow
Burnout 3 TakeDown
Tony hawk's UnderGround 2

My Adidas Shoe Collection

Click here for Pinball projects and other info For sale items etc..

Click here to check out my R/C car

Click here to check out a cool site (the boss hogg show.com) Some pretty interesting video clips.. Funny etc.. .


I have 2 Impulse paintball guns. Both are verticle max flows. Below are the pics and stats of the guns.

03 Impulse with Vert. maxflow, vision
All american barrel
ND Stubby Delrin bolt
Ti. Bolt Pin
ND Ball dentents (green)
ND Eye Cover (green)
ND LPR (green)
ND Slick Shot Hammer Shaft
SP Clamp Feednack (blue>
SP Clear Grips
Team CP Drop Forward (green)
BL LPR guage
Evo II egg Hopper
C02 with Anti Syphon and on off switch (green)
Eclipse Double mag trigger
Invision Goggles (smoke)
JT Gloves

. . .
. . . .

03 Impulse Verticle MaxFlow (no vision)
ND Ram Housing (blue)
ND Slick Shot Hammer Shaft
ND High Flow Valve
ND Ti-Bolt pin
ND Delrin Bolt
Low Rise Feed Neck
Drop Forward
On/Off valve

. .
. . .

Other things i like to do.
I like to skateboard. Not that i know how to but its fun to try.
element board (water 2 logo), 50mm dual durometer wheels, RACETEC 9 Ball SAS Bearings and destructo trucks

I also enjoy jet skiin. Mostly when there are big waves. Flat water is fun sometimes also (speed and quick turns)

This here is my new bike. Its an 02 Honda CBR 600 F4i. Bought April 27th for 6k with 886 miles.

. .
. . .

Email: shawnhpi@aol.com