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- Rémy's FAQ's on the G1 Transformers -


FAQ on the world of Transformers:

FAQ 001 What is the Transformers?

Transformers are a living intelligent robots besides their abilities to change from one form to another, each has their own personality, can act, think, feel, as well as have emotion just like human.  You can think transformers as human but with a robot body that can be transformed into other forms.  Transformers come in both female and male gender.

FAQ 002 How does Transformers reproduce, or come to life?

Hm...technically Transformer doesn't produce but more like created and program.  There are many ways transformer can get life:

1.  Through Victor Sigma.  This is the most traditional way how Transformers get their life...through a living computer called Victor Sigma who can program and give personality to machine.  As seen in The Key To Victor Sigma episode #56-57

2. Through Teletran One - This is the autobots living computer on Earth that serves as a news cast, alert a warning or danger, and a personality programmer.  As mention by Optimus Prime in The Key To Victor Sigma episode #56.

3. Personality Component storage - Personality can be removed from a captured renegade or an injured body and store it in a storage component for a latter use or until a new body is built.  As seen in Starscream Brigade episode #61.

4. Through the Quintessons - These 5 faces robots creature were the first to built and give life to transformers.  As mention in The Killing Jar episode #71, and others. 

5. Or just simply a push of the button - Sometimes transformers can come to life by just a few screwing the nuts or tighten the bolt from an old machine and thus a life is born.  As seen in Grimlock's New Brain episode #90.

FAQ 003 What is Cybertron?

Cybertron is the home planet of the Transformers.  It is composed mainly of metal.

FAQ 004 Who is Victor Sigma?

Victor Sigma is a living Computer that give birth to all robotic lives as well as the heart of Cybertron.   Destruction of Victor Sigma means an end to the planet itself.  The first appearance of Victor Sigma was on "The Key To Victor Sigma P1 " episode #56, Season 2.

FAQ 005 What is the Autobots?

The Autobots are the good guys and gals, their mission is to stop the evil Decepticons from wrecking the universe.

FAQ 006 What is the Decepticons?

The Decepticons are the bad guys.  They'll do anything to complete their ego and to conquered the universe regardless of the consequences.

FAQ 007 What is the Insecticons?

The Insecticons were originally the Decepticons but when they crashed on Earth and terminated, their computer reconfigured the dead body and made them into an insect.  From that on, they were known as the insecticons who are also the bad guys.  Together they joined force with the Decepticons and battle the Autobots.  The first appearance of the Insecticons was on "A Plague Of The Insecticons" episode #15, Season 1.

FAQ 008 What is the Quintessons?

The Quintessons were the creator as well as the cruel master of both the Autobots and Decepticons.  Therefore, they pledged to neither side, the Quintessons only care of themselves.  Later both the Autobots and "Decepticons" overthrew the Quintessons for their freedom.  The Quintessons can not transform, they are a rotated five faces robot with great knowledge, power, and technology.  The first appearance of the Quintessons was on "Transformers The Movie", Between Season 2 & 3.

FAQ 009 What is the Ark?

The Ark is the spaceship that brought the Autobots to Earth.  Moreover, it became the Autobots headquarter until the Decepticons' Trypticons destroyed it in T.F. Season 3.

FAQ 010 What is the Teletran One/ Two?

Teletran One is the Autobots' Computer within the Ark whose main function is to detect the Decepticons next move as well as a news provider.  When Trypticons destroyed the Ark, Teletran One was also destroyed.  As a result, Teletran Two was built within the Autobot City and with the same function and purpose as Teletran One.

FAQ 011 What is an Energon or Energon Cube?

An Energon is an oil/ fuel that gave or power up both the Autobots and the Decepticons for their them that would be food as well as power source.  Energon Cube is a cube that stored the oil/ fuel for future use.

FAQ 012 Why did Transformers come to Earth?

Technically, Transformers came to earth by accident.   When Cybertron was at a stage of scarcity in energon or power source or food, the Autobots were forced to journey outside of its home planet, Cybertron. Unfortunately, the Decepticons learned of this mission and decided to pursuit them, knowing that whoever control the most energon control the war as well as the universe.  In the process of following, the Decepticons attacked the Autobots ship, the Ark, and made it inside.  While the two side were battling and no one was controlling the direction of the ship, the ship ended up in Earth orbit.  The gravity of Earth force pull the ship and made it crashed into a volcano in Seattle, Washington State of the U.S.  Both side were dead for 4 million until they were revived again by Teletran One. 

FAQ 013 When did Transformers arrive on Earth?

Although exact date is not known, we believed it was 4 million before the year 1984 or 1985.  When Transformers were initially crashed to Earth, they did not revise again until 4 million later which was either in the year 1984 or 1985.

FAQ 014 When did Transformers make it first debute on T.V?

Transformers made it first debute in 1984 and it was a big hit for television.

FAQ 015 How many Original Transformers episodes were aired on the U.S. television?

A total of 98 episodes not including TFTM.  More on T.F Episode Guildlines.

FAQ 016 What is the Matrix?

The Matrix is the Autobots heart and soul power source that give the possessor the knowledge, wisdom, as well as power to lead the Autobots.  The Matrix can not be opened by the Decepticons to release its power (this one could be a debatable).

FAQ 017 What is the Space Bridge?

The Space Bridge is a traveling mechanism that can take a passenger from point A to point B between galaxy at a great speed or maybe at a speed of light.

FAQ 018 What is a Gestalt?

According to Stanley Lui's Encyclopedia Online, "A gestalt is a single entity consisting of multiple independent entities; a being greater than the sum of its parts. In Transformers terminology, a gestalt is a robot that is formed from multiple independent robots (also known as "combiners"). Autobot gestalts include Superion, Defensor, and Computron. Decepticon gestalts include Devastator, Bruticus, Menasor, Abominus, Predaking, Piranacon, and Monstructor. Cybertron gestalts include Landcross and Road Caesar. Destron gestalts include Liokaiser, King Poseidon, and Dinoking."

FAQ 019 What is a Seeker?

A seeker is a terminological word made by fans that is referred to the Decepticons Jets.  Other than an alternative word, the word seeker has no real meaning: Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Dirge, Ramjet, Thrust, as well as those triangle Cybertron jets are all seekers.

FAQ 020 I heard of a Scramble City episode but what is it?

Scramble City was aired only in Japan.  Fans in Japan saw Scramble City first before Transformers the Movie was released in their homeland...and this give them an advantage because Scramble City served as a prolong to Transformers the Movie..  The episode showed the newly Metroplex was still under construction inside a secret base and Ultra Magnus was in charged of that project.  While the Autobots and Superion were getting a pounding by Devastator, Menasor, Bruticus, and Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp, Metroplex was still under construction.  Fortunately, he came to rescue them just in time.  Scramble city has two purposes: One it served as a prolong to Transformers the Movie.  And two, it revealed that gestalt like Superion, Defensor, Bruticus, and Menasor have the ability to increase their power if they were to interchange their limp parts such as the legs became the arms and the arms became the legs.

FAQ 021 Why was "Transformers The Movie (TFTM)" important? Is it a continuity to the T.V series?   

TFTM is a bridge or prolong between T.F. Season 2 and Season 3 T.V's series, fans will be confused if they missed TFTM while jumping from Season 2 to Season 3.  The impact of the Movie introduced many new characters, killing off old characters as well as new storylines.  TFTM was shown in the movie theatre on Friday, August 8, 1986.  More on TFTM image as well as movie scripts and lyric.   Yes TFTM is a continuity to the TV series, TFTM take place in the year 2005, two decades after Transformers were revised back from their death in 1984/1985.  These are the characters that made their first appearance from TFTM: Autobots - Ultra Magnus, Springer, Blurr, Arcee, Hot Rod, Rodimus Prime, Wreck-Gar and Junkions, Rewind, Eject, Steeljaw, and Ramhorn..  Decepticons - Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge, the Sweeps, Unicron, Quintesson & Sharkticons.  And these were the characters that were killed off: Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Prowl, Wheeljack, Windcharger, Brawl, Ratchett, and Starscream.

FAQ 022 What is the Rebirth Episodes and why wasn't aired in the Japanese Transformers Universe?

The Rebirth Episodes only contained 3 episodes and was aired in 1987 as T.F. Season 4, then the Transformers show was cancelled in the U.S.  Since Season 4 only had 3 episodes and Japan's market needed more story lines to air in their homeland, they decided to ignore the U.S. Rebirth Episodes and created their own Season 4 as Headmasters, followed by Masterforce, Victory, etc which contain many episodes.  Although the Rebirth Episodes and the Japanese Headmasters are both about Headmasters and Targetmasters, their storylines are not the same!  According to David Wise, Rebirth's script writer, said original the U.S. Rebirth miniseries was supposed to be a "5" parts series but due to the budget cut, he was forced to cut back his script into a 3 part series.

FAQ 023 How come I never heard of the episodes called Headmasters, Masterforces, or Victory series?

These Transformers series were ONLY aired in Japan after the U.S. cancelled its Transformers season 4 show.  These series or storylines take place after Transformers Season 3.  

FAQ 024 Why is Transfomers sometime referred as Generation One (G1), Generation Two (G2), Beast War (BW), Beast Machine (BM), Car Robot 2000, Robot In Disguise (RID), Amarda, Energon, etc?

In order to make life less confusing and less complicating as the world of Transformers became more complex and expanding its universe, we have to break them into era or period.  This way we could describe which transformers is which especially those that have the same name and also more storylines to tell for the writers.  

- T.F. Generation One/ G1 (1984-1990).  G1 were the original transformers who started it all.  They consist of the original transformers cast from Season One to the Rebith/ Season 4, the Powermasters aka Headmasters and Targetmasters, and the Pretenders.  This line was support by toy (Hasbro), cartoon (Sunbow), and comic (Marvel).  

Season 1 was aired in 1984 and had 16 episodes.

Season 2 was aired in 1985 and had 49 episodes.

Season 3 was aired in 1986 and had 30 episodes.

Season 4 was aired in 1987 and had 3 episodes.  

- T.F. Generation Two/ G2 (1991-1993).  G2 is mostly the original transformers with some modification.  The toys is smaller, no more die cast metal part, some get repaint, and only a slight new characters were introduced.  There was no new Cartoon show to support the G2 line, only a Re-Run of the Original G1 show with some modications on the bumpers.  This line was only support by comic (Marvel).  

- T.F. Beast War (1996-1999).  This mark the new line of transformers because now the robots are predominately taken the form of Beast...they are no longer vehicles versus jets.  Also the classic name is now replaced by Maximals (Autobots) versus Predacons (Decepticons).  This line was support by toy (Hasbro) and cartoon (Mainframe).  Later in 2004, this line will be supported by the comic from Dreamwave.

Season 1 was aired in 1996 to 1997 and had 26 episodes.

Season 2 was aired from 1998 to 1999 and had 13 episodes.

- T.F. Machine War (1997).  There was no cartoon or comic to support this toy line.

- T.F. Animorphs (1999).  There was no cartoon or comic to support this toy line.

- T.F. Beast Machine (2001-2001).  After the Beast War was over, the Maximals aka the Autobots, were proven to be the loser in that war.

Season 1 was aired in 1999 and had 26 episodes  This line was support by Toy (Hasbro) and Cartoon (Mainframe).

- T.F. Robot In Disguise (2001).  Since Hasbro needed some sort of filling until they can figure out the next transformers line, they decided to borrow the Japanese T.F. Car Robot 2000 line and rename it as T.F. Robot In Disguise  for the American markets.  This line was support by toy (Hasbro) and Cartoon (unknown).  Later in 2004, this line will be supported by the comic from Dreamwave.

- T.F. Amarda (2002-2003).  While the Robot In Disguise was airing on Television, Hasbro used this time to come up with Transformers Armada.  This line was support by toy (Hasbro), cartoon (unknown), and comic (Dreamwave).  

Season 1 was aired in 2002 and had ?

Season 2 was aired in 2003 and had ?

- T.F. Universe (2003).  This toy line combine other old line such as Beast Wars, RID, Armada, and then repaint the old toy with a new colors.  There is no cartoon show.  If you are lucky, you may find an exclusive comic regarding this to.

- T.F. Alternator (2003).  This is a totally new toy line with high articulation, details, and new mold.  The Takara or Japan version contained diecast metal.  The Hasbro or U.S. contained only Plastic, no diecast metal.  There is no cartoon show or comic to support this toy line.

- T.F. Energon (2004).  This is the current line of the world of transformers which is supported by toy and cartoon.  This line was support by toy (Hasbro), cartoon (unknown), and comic (Dreamwave).  

FAQ 025 Are characters like Megatron/ Prime appeared in G1 is the same character in BW/ BM, RID, Armada, Energon?

No, they are not the same the character and that go for other characters as well.  Don't let the names fool you, just think it as an alternated universe.

FAQ 026 What's the deal with Skyfire/Jetfire character?

This one is a little bit complicated....let's put it this way...they are the same character with two names and two physical appearance.  In the T.V's animation and the Comic world, the physical appearance of Skyfire/Jetfire is the same.  The only difference is the name.  The name Skyfire only exist in the T.V. world not the Comic nor the Toy world.   In the Toy world, Jetfire physical appearance is completely different form the comic or TV's animation world.   Infact, the Jetfire toy is actually a Robotech/Macross Super Valkyrie VF-1S.  


Still confused?  Blame it on Hasbro.  When Hasbro went out to shop plane for the Autobots, they only bought the licensing of the Jetfire toy from Bandai but not the animation physical appearance.  As a result, the character Skyfire was introduced in the animation.  Also there was the endorsement problem between Takara and Bandai even though Hasbro bought the license from Bandai to use Jetfire.  Takara did not like the idea of advertising a Bandai's product because that would make Jetfire to appear in both Transformers and Robotech Universe especially when Takara was competing with Bandai.  Anyhow, the Jetfire toy is pretty much the same as Skyfire animation even with the modification.  More on Skyfire/Jetfire  for clarification as well as images.


FAQ on TF's Products:

FAQ 001 Who are Hasbro, Takara, Marvel, Sunbow, and Dreamwave?

These are the people who give birth to the Transformers.  Hasbro is responsible as a founder of the Transformers as well as producing the transformers toys.  Takara is the people who created transformers toys before they were known as Transformers aka Diaclone.  Marvel is the people who is responsible for the story line as well as characteristic of each character in the comic.  Sunbow task is to bring these characters to life by airing on television.  Last but not least Dreamwave, this is the company who now in the present day had the right to publish Transformers in the comic medium.

FAQ 002 Does Transformers episode sell in the U.S. store/ Online?

Yes, there are many transformers episodes available:

NOTE: All Transformers Episodes are released by Kid Rhino and are available in BOTH VHS and DVD unless noted. G1 = Generation One. BW line = Beast War

1. (G1 line) "Transformers The Movie" is sold for $14.99.

2. (G1 line) "Transformers Volume 1 to 12" (2 episodes for each volume, a total of 24 episodes.  All episodes are in random, not in sequence to one another) is sold for $9.99 per volume.  NOTE: Available ONLY in VHS.

3. (G1 line) "Villains (Transformers Season 1 Eps. #8 to #10)" (3 episodes on the Ultimate Doom Episode) is sold for $19.99.  These episodes were released in DVD before the Season 1 Boxset came out.  NOTE: You don't need to buy this DVD if you purchased the Season 1 DVD Boxset.

4. (G1 line) "Transformers Season 1 Boxset (Eps. #1 to 16)" (4 discs with 16 episodes and Special Features) is sold in the range from $40 to $60.  Contents included: 1 Menu Booklet, 2 Animated Cells (Starscream and Rumble), and 1 $5 off coupon from Action Figure Express.  Also available in Individual disc (Vol. 1-2 each has 5 episodes and Vol. 3 has 6 episodes) for $19.99. Yes, all episodes are in sequence to one another.

Season 1 DVD Boxset Easter Egg or Hidden Treasure

On the disc that contained  "Special Features", go to "Out Takes and Anomalies".  Then, Mouse over to the right of "Anomalies." A " Decepticon Logo" will appear now click on to activate A Japanese Transformers Theme Song.
Also on the "Original Transformers Script" section an Autobot icon pops up to the left but nothing happens when clicked on it.

5. (G1 line) "Transformers Season 2 Part 1 Boxset (Eps. #17-40)" (4 disc with 24 episodes and Special Features) is sold in the range from $40 to $60.  Contents included: 1 Menu Booklet, 1 Optimus Prime Trading Card, 2 Animated Cells (Megatron and Ravage), 1 toy Catalog Flyer.  Also available in Individual Disc (Vol. 1-2 each has 7 episodes, Vol. 3 has 6 episodes, Vol. has 4 episodes) for $19.99. Not all episodes are in sequence to their original aired date.

6. (G1 line) "Transformers Season 2 Part 2 Boxset (Eps. #41 to 65)" (4 disc with 25 episodes and Special Features) is sold in the range from $40 to $60.  Contents included: 1 Menu Booklet, and 2 Animated Cells (Orion Pax and Defcon).  Also available in Individual Disc (Vol. 1-3 each has 7 episodes, Vol. 3 has 4 episodes) for $19.99. Not all episodes are in sequence to their original aired date.

7. (G1 line) "Transformers Season 3 Part 1 Boxset (Eps. #66 to 81)" (3 disc with 16 episodes and Special Features) is sold in the range from $30 to $50.  Contents included: 1 Menu Booklet, and 2 Animated Cells (Orion Pax and Defcon).  Also available in Individual Disc (Vol. 1-3 each has 7 episodes, Vol. 3 has 4 episodes) for $19.99. Not all episodes are in sequence to their original aired date.

8. (G1 line) "Transformers Season 3 Part 2 WITH Season 4 Boxset (Eps. #82 to 98)" (3 disc with 17 episodes and Special Features) is sold in the range from $30 to $50.  Contents included: 1 Menu Booklet, and 2 Animated Cells (Optimus Prime and Scorponok).  The second half of Season 3 also come with the 3 parts of Rebirth aka Season 4.  Also available in Individual Disc (Vol. 1-2 each has 7 episodes, Vol. 3 has 4 episodes) for $19.99. Not all episodes are in sequence to their original aired date.

9. (G1 line) "Heroes (Transformers Season 4 Eps. #96 to #98)" (3 episodes on Rebirth) is sold for $19.99.  These episodes were released in DVD before the Season 3P2/ Season 4 Boxset came out.  NOTE: You don't need to buy this DVD if you purchased the Season 3P2/ Season 4 DVD Boxset.

10. (BW line) "Transformers Beast War Season 1 (Eps. #1 to 26)" (4 disc with 26 episodes and Special Features) is sold in the range from $40 to $60.  Contents included: 1 Menu Booklet.  If you don't want to buy the Boxset, individual disc (Vol. 1-3 each has 7 episodes, Vol. 4 has 5 episodes) is also available for $19.99. All episodes are in sequence to one another.

Beast War Season 1 DVD Boxset Easter Egg or Hidden Treasure

On disc #4, go to "Special Features", and click on Interview with Bob Forward.  You can either watched the entire interview or fast forward it, but somewhere close to the end of the interview around 14:55, you will see a text labeled at the bottom of the right screen "View Agent 12".  Click on that text and it will lead you to a live action of Agent 12 show.  Agent 12 has nothing to do with Beast War or the Transformers itself for those who are curious.

11. (BW line) "Transformers Beast War Season 2 (Eps. #27 to 40)" Contained 13 episode.

12. (BW line) "Transformers Beast War Season 3 (Eps. #41 to 53)" Contained 13 episode.  Available in late 2004

FAQ 003 I heard Transformers fans mentioned the Autobots/Decepticons "Rub Sign Logo" what is it?:

The Rub Sign Logo is a heat sensitive small logo that mounted on each transformers toys during the year 1985 to 1987.  It primary concept is to hide the identity of each transformers until someone apply a force with his/ her finger onto the logo which then cause a heat reaction and reveal the true identity of that transformers whether that robot is a good or bad guy.  Transformers toys that were created before 1985 and after 1987 did not have any rub logo on them.

FAQ 004 Why did some transformers toys had die cast metal and some didn't?:

From 1984-1986 almost any transformers toys that came out from those year usually had some sort of die cast metal on them. But as the year went by especially in 1987, Hasbro/ Takara, decided to cut down on the cost of the toys and just went with the all plastic toys.

FAQ 005 Why are the G1 toys articulation sucks?:

I guess...they just didn't have the technology or they just didn't want to spend much on the cost.  But, back in those days, not many people complaint about the toys articulation.  In facts, they were so fascinating about the toys ability to transform that they didn't care about the articulation...don't the eighty's not many toys had many articulations like the present days.  On the bright side, the G1 toys is the most collectable and beautiful toys than any transformers toy lines.

FAQ 006 What are the range of transformers toys size?:

Transformers toys size range depending on what mode they are in.  They could be as small as 2" or as big as 24".

FAQ 007 Where can I purchase Transformers toys?

Click the on the link to see some of the place that sell Transformers.  Transformers toy/ online store.

FAQ 008 The 2001-2004TFs Reissue: Are there any difference between Hasbro (U.S) and Takara (Japan) version?

Yes, here are the differences:

Takara - TFs toy are very true to the original because no modification are involved.  Come with many paper works such as Data Files art, World Art, Dreamwave art, and Toy Catalog.  TFs Trading Card is also included as well.  Moreover, some figures come with extra accessories.  Price seems to be a little bit expensive due to the import price.

Hasbro - Some accessory such as short or small missiles were re-modified and made it fatter and longer in size due to the new safety law.  Some toys such as Prime and Ultra Magnus smokestack were trimmed down.  Doesn't come with too many goodies/ paper works like Takara.  Only a few come with Trading Card.  Price is a little bit cheaper than Takara.


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