Season 2, Episode 19

Guy: Hey. I'm Ben. You're hot. Date me.
Buffy: Go away.
Guy: 'Kay.
Xander: Some themes just never get old.
Willow: And SPEAKING of themes!! ----
Buffy: Cool it, Vanna. I think the readers get the idea.
Willow: *pouts* Ruin all my fun. I'm not even cool in Season 2 yet.
Xander: Uh, guys? This isn't seeming very time-travel-ey.
Buffy: Oh, things are bound to pick up..
Gun: *BANG!*
Buffy: See?

Guy: Love is forever!
Girl: Oh my god!
Ghost Gun: Hi there. I'm from the past!
Buffy: What's going on here?!
Ghost Gun: Whoops. Gotta go. *POOF*

Snyder: I saw exactly what you did! You... posessed that boy and girl.... made him try to shoot her! Then got caught... so, stopped... and... erm...
Buffy: Straw grasping an Olympic Sport for you?
Snyder: Wait for it.... You... You...

***three hours later***
Snyder: Well... there's just some way that this is your fault!
1955 Yearbook: Doot doot doot... *THUNK*
Buffy: You're like a bad Mame. You bore the books right off of the shelves...
1955 Yearbook: Hey! That was a cool show when I was new!
Buffy: Who asked you?! (pause) Huh? Hmmm. How'd you get on the floor in the first place?
Snyder: Meethinks I smell a plot device.

Willow: So I found all these websites on magic and witches and---
Giles: This is the part where I should be stepping in and telling you magic is dangerous, thereby correcting future Season 6 errors, but since I'm still too busy leading the "I Just Lost Jenny and the rest of the world can go to hell" pity parade... have a good time! Don't do anything I wouldn't!
Willow: This coming from the man who spent the 60's worshipping a demon...

Buffy: I wonder if there's any truth to the idea that you enjoy history more if you can experience it?
1955 Girls: Eeeeeee!! Rock 'n Roll forever! Poodle skirts! Greasers!
Buffy: You'd think with our production values, we could make the 50's look more authentic.

1955 Grace Newman Teacher-Person: You're cute.
1955 James Stanley: No, you're cute!
Grace: No, you!
James: No, you!
Both: *stare longingly*
Buffy: Now I see why we don't use the time travel plotline more often.
Both: Who are you?!
Buffy: Uhm.... exchange student? Gotta go!

Flashback: ***explodes in a poof***

Buffy: We have a ghost from 1955 on our hands.
Xander: Gasp!! What makes you say that?
Buffy: Just saw the past. Tacky past, but the past. And then my teacher started writing out the lyrics to "I Got a Woman" on the chalk board...
Xander: At least he didn't sing.

Giles: The ghost is Jenny!
Buffy: No, it's not.
Giles: The ghost is Jenny!
Xander: No, it's not.
Giles: The ghost is Jenny!
Willow: Being the only one left... do I get to slap him now?

Janitor: Don't walk away from me, Bitch!! Love is forever!
Teacher: Oh my god!!
Buffy: Here we go again....
Ghost Gun: "I got a woman... way across town.... she's good to me..."
Buffy: AHEM?
Ghost Gun: "I oooonly have eeeeeyees for yooooou..."
Buffy: Better.

Angelus: Well, since I haven't had anything better to do this episode, I think I'll just go over to the High School. Hang out.
Drusilla: Oi see pretty things! Decaying corpses and golden rings!
Spike: Dr. Seuss she's not.

Buffy: Hmmm. Snakes in the lunchroom. This is new. What are they passing this off as? Jungle cuisine?
Xander: GHOST!
Buffy: ... or that.

Cordy: GAAAAAAAH!! A snake bit me!!
Buffy: Oooo. Really?
Cordy: Oh whew. But it wasn't poisonous.
Buffy: Aw shucks.

Buffy: Only one choice now. Exorcism!
Cordy: But aerobics and me just don't get along, Buffy!
Buffy: Exorcism, not exercise--- Oh just grab a cross and come on.

Decaying Ghost James: BWAHAHAHA!!
Buffy: Look, as much as I'd love to have a spirited debate with you-- Ha! Get it? "Spirited"?
Still Decaying Ghost James: Aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhh! The jokes! The jokes! *vanishes*
Buffy: (grins) Who needs exorcism when you've got me?
***lights suddenly go out***
Buffy: Oh fart.

1955 Grace: Don't shoot!
1955 James: *BANG*
1955 Grace: Oh, that's it, young man! Not only are we through, but... but you fail the class!! So there.

Buffy: This is like The Exorcist... set to Rock 'n Roll music.
James' Voice: I need you---
Buffy: *possessed suddenly* Yes, Master.
James' Voice: --- to stop telling jokes.

Angelus: Hi Buffy--- whoa. Weird transe-thing you've got going on---
Buffy: A person just doesn't wake up and stop loving someone!
Angelus: Uhm... okeee...
Buffy: (stops) Oh, just play along. I want out of this eppy as badly as you do.
Angelus: (sigh) Alright, just so long as I play the girl.
Buffy: (raises eyebrows) Not going to ask. (continues) Love is forever!
Ghost Gun: (materializes) I should be getting union scale for reoccuring character---- *BANG*
Angelus: Uhm, ow.
Buffy: (whispers to GG) Bullets don't kill vampires.
Ghost Gun: Ah well. I'm sick of this anyway. Think I'll go see about that job on Law & Order....

Buffy/James: But I thought I killed you!
Angelus/Grace: Well, you didn't. So can we snog now?
Buffy/James: Works.

James & Grace's Spirits: See ya!
Music: "Your love keeps lifting me higher and hiiiiiigher..."

Buffy: I don't think I've ever been happier to see an episode end. Too many songs. It was like being in a musical!!
Willow: (eeeeps) Don't say that! Writers have EARS!
Joss: (grins mischieviously) You know that's not a bad idea...

(The little Grr! Argh! demon chases a ghost across the screen)

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