Here are three emails that I received in response to my critical posts on the Tea Party. I am sharing these as an example of why I remain critical of this group. I have not altered them in any way other than removing the ‘@ info’ in their email address. I do this as a courtesy to them despite their vitriol responses towards me. I will let their own words speak for themselves…



saw your post on old va blog. you pretends to be a christian but forsakes your own. the tea party is the true way and you're too stupid to know it. leftists a**holes like you make me sick. i fought for this country. if you don't like it get the hell out. i hope your children grow to hate you and join the only flock that can save america. god bless the tea party and to hell with you unbelievers. can't believe mr. williams calls you friend. you are not for the child. you should be ashamed of yourself. semper fi bitch! – buldog17



You think your smart but your not. You suck. Liberals and Demmies fear the fact that the Tea Party is taking back the country. Instead of sitting on your fat ass criticizing us why don't you make a change? What are you afraid of? You lib fags voted for change. While you study history- we are making history. And who cares if somone misquoted a dead guy. He's dead! So is Obamas socialist agenda! You'll see. In 2012 well own the White House and return America back to itself again. – Tomahog



It takes a real man to pick on a woman. You're either gay or blind. Michelle Bachmann is way smarter than Obamma who isn't even an American. This nation is being socialzed right before our eyes. The Tea Party are the only ones with the ball...s to stand up against the progressives in office who are in bed with the Mexicans. Open the borders and cater to the rich. Spend all the money so our kids are the first to all be homeless. Let the liberal agenda destroy all of us. Is that what you want? Why don't you stop criticizing things you don't understand and learn something. Watch the only truthsayers out there who keep it fair and balanced. Hannity will hannatize you. Mark Levin will open your weak mind and the master Rush will show you what is really going on. – Tpaine1776