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If you're looking for in-depth studies on the history of the Bronx Bombers and America's National Pastime, then you've come to the right place!

Why the Yankees? Players need to have miles of heart to make it in the Big Apple. They need to crave the pressure, literally thrive on it, because they know the privilege of putting on the pinstripes and playing in "The House that Ruth Built" is never to be taken lightly. It is their commitment to excellence that has made them an American tradition.

UPDATED 11/12/02: World Series (30's), Marvin Terry gallery, New front page layout. COMING SOON: World Series (40's)

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As a lifelong baseball fan and amateur historian, I have always been fascinated with the legacy of America's National pastime. Nothing pleases me more than digging through my library of baseball books or surfing the 'net and learning about teams and individuals who played this wonderful sport decades before my parents were even born. If your looking for someone with a great work ethic and an attention to detail to help with your publications next project, look no further. Samples and references available. Email me

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Yankees e-newsletter. I am attempting to publish an e-newsletter (text only) dedicated to baseball's most storied franchise. I am looking for some wannabe writers out there who would be interested in working on a monthly publication next season. Whatever you want to contribute. Your words and your ideas! Voice your opinion, promote your own website and/or sell your memorabilia.

Sources for the Pinstripe Press include: The Encyclopedia of Baseball, A Pictorial History of Baseball, The Baseball Almanac, The Sporting News, America's Game, The National Baseball Hall Of Fame, Baseball - The Early Years - The Fabulous Fifties - The Modern Era, Baseball's 100 Greatest Players, The Baseball Anthology - more to come

Congratulations to the 2002 New York Yankees on their 100th season.
38 League Championships and 26 World Series Championships to date. From Ruth and Gehrig, to Mantle and Ford, from Jackson and Mattingly, to Jeter and Giambi, the Yankees continue to win with class.

"Tell them, it wasn't easy. When they look back and see 125 wins, tell them we never took a single one for granted. Teach them about our passion and our patience. If they ask who was our star, give them 25 names. And if you forget our names, just tell them we were YANKEES. And in the season of our lives, we became a team. A team that made people believe that baseball could be magic, and men could be perfect." (1998)

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