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I had the honor of designing a logo for my friend Richard Williams, who had just debuted his new tour business in Lexington, which focuses on the religious heritage of this beautiful, historic Shenandoah Valley village. I started with a familiar graphic line-art image of a southern steeple-church. I then used Photoshop's filters to give it a rough appearance. The font I selected is called 'Texas Hero' and I wanted to create something that would be elegant and strong no matter what color or size that it was used for. Also the logo had to work in reverse printing.

According to his web page announcement at: Lexington Virginia Attractions: VA HERITAGE TOURS: Historic tours of Lexington guided by award-winning historian and Civil War author Richard G. Williams, Jr. Our tours focus on the religious heritage of Lexington with special emphasis on the Christian faith of Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson and General Robert E. Lee. Sites on the walking tour include Lee Chapel on the campus of Washington & Lee University, Virginia Military Institute, Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery, Lexington Presbyterian Church, & R E Lee Memorial Episcopal Church. Considerable time is also spent visiting sites related to Jackson's now famous Sunday school for slaves & free blacks. This is an inspiring and unique tour unlike any other you will experience. Tours may be customized and generally last approximately 2 hours. For more information, visit Lexington's attractions page on VA Heritage Tours.



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